Police: Only two tickets headline blotter

Roberto Carbajal, 32, of Shelter Island was driving on Manwaring Road on April 12 when he was stopped by police for having insufficient tail lamps. He was also ticketed for unlicensed operation.

On April 15, Zina Glazebrook, 61, of Shelter Island was ticketed by the animal control officer for letting a dog run at large in Mashomack Preserve.


Responding to a call on April 12, police located an intoxicated man walking towards the Heights. According to the police report, he was not creating a threat to himself or to others. The area was also patrolled with no problems noted.

On April 12, a Hay Beach caller reported that a hazardous road condition was caused by cars parking in front of a construction site. When police arrived, the vehicles were off the road.

A caller told police on April 12 that he was driving into the Recycling Center when a town highway truck was coming out of the entrance, nearly causing a collision. He was concerned about the safety of other motorists. The foreman was advised.

On April 12, an investigation was opened into a case of possible fraud.

Police responded to a domestic dispute on April 13.

Police received a report on April 14 that a transformer on a LIPA pole in Menantic had caught fire and exploded. The Shelter Island Fire Department responded. Power was out and the transformer badly damaged. An emergency crew from LIPA responded.

Also on April 14, a dog at large at the Shelter Island School was brought to police headquarters, placed in the town’s kennel and later returned to its owner with a warning.

An investigation continued into a case of grand larceny reported in the Center on April 15.

On April 15 the SIPD assisted another agency’s detective unit regarding a suspect in a grand larceny investigation.

Police responded to a report of an audible alarm, possibly at the Shelter Island School. There was no sign of an alarm, but there was heavy rain and “electrical weather” at the time.

Following a complaint on April 17, guests at a Center residence were advised to use the road and not cut through a nearby property.

Gun shots were reported in the Center on April 17. Police located people who said they had been shooting at targets. No shooting or guns were observed; the group was advised not to shoot in the area again.

On April 17, a caller reported persons attempting to break into a storage building behind a Center parking lot. Police located some youths who said they were not attempting to gain entry. No damage or criminal acts were noted, and the young people left without incident.

A vehicle, which a caller told police on April 17 was being driven without her permission, was returned without incident.

A caller reported on April 18 that vehicles were parking in the Heights in violation of posted parking regulations. A person at the site said he’d make sure the vehicles were not left on the roadway.

Also on April 18, a request for “civil documentation” was made by a West Neck caller regarding a visitation matter.

Two burglary alarms were activated on April 15 and 17 at residences on Ram Island and in Westmoreland. A workman may have set off one alarm; the second was cancelled by the alarm company prior to police arrival. The latter residence was unoccupied and secure.


Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance teams transported three aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 17.