Featured Letter: School's five-year plan will take too long

To the Editor:

It was troubling to read that the school superintendent’s grandiose plan to improve the school will take five years to implement. By that time, almost half of our current students will have graduated, inadequately prepared for college.

Dr. Hynes’ five-year plan is disappointing. We are not talking about finding a cure for cancer or circumnavigating the moon. We are talking about teaching 250 kids how to read, write, do basic math and prepare them for college.

Why five years?

The infrastructure is in place. We have a recently renovated school building. There is more than adequate funding (close to $40,000 per student). There is an ample number of talented and dedicated teachers (one professional for each eight students). What we lack is leadership.

When Dr. Hynes interviewed for this position, had he told the School Board that he needed an additional administrator and six years to improve the school, he would never had been hired.

I don’t understand why the board should tolerate such nonsense now. That’s one man’s opinion.

Shelter Island