Electric transmission line under site stalls dredging at South Ferry

JULIE LANE PHOTO | South Ferry President Cliff Clark in an appearance before the Town Board in June.

Get it in writing. That’s the lesson South Ferry operator Cliff Clark says he has learned now that he has to negotiate a deal with Long Island Power Authority to dredge outside his company slips to eliminate a shoaling problem.

Until a few weeks ago, it appeared that the dredging project would be included on Suffolk County’s list of must-do projects for this fall and winter. Mr. Clark has been lobbying for it for years, arguing that keeping his slips open should be a government responsibility in order to keep Route 114 connected to North Haven.

He and his father were assured by Long Island Lighting Company officials years ago, he said this week, but they failed to get those assurances in writing. Now, the successor to LILCO, LIPA has blocked plans to dredge an area just west of existing ferry slips.

The problem, LIPA told Mr. Clark, is a 69-kilovolt LIPA cable in the area laid back in the 1990s.

“I believe that guy told me the truth as he knew it back then,” Mr. Clark said about the LILCO official who assured him he would never have any problem having the area dredged. “Unfortunately, we don’t have anything in writing,” he said.

For the full story, see Thursday’s Reporter.

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