Message from Congressman Bishop: Gasoline relief is on the way for Long Island


PATCHOGUE — The gasoline distribution infrastructure temporarily disrupted by Super Storm Sandy is coming back on-line, and Long Islanders can expect relief from the gas shortage situation beginning today, Congressman Tim Bishop announced.

The shortage has resulted from a number of factors including the temporary closure of the Port of New York to tanker and barge traffic during and after the storm. The US Coast Guard confirmed today to Bishop that the waterways of the Port are now open and there are no longer any restrictions to vessel movement for barge traffic or tanker deliveries, which are now ongoing.

The pipelines and terminals providing gasoline to distribution networks on Long Island were also disrupted due to power outages and reduced flow capacity, but the situation is improving and will continue to improve over the next 48 hours.

• Buckeye Pipeline from Linden, NJ to New York City and Long Island is now open and the increased supply will provide relief to our area within the  next 24 hours and supply will be ongoing.

• Long Island City terminal (BP) has a generator and can accept/distribute product.

 • Power was restored to Northville Terminal at Port Jefferson Thursday night. A barge is currently refueling at Hess Port Reading (Perth Amboy, NJ) and expected to arrive at Northville on Saturday with 1 million gallons of gasoline. Deliveries of 1.5 million gallons of gasoline are expected on both Sunday and Monday as well. ‪  ‪
• Oyster Bay terminal opened today at 6:00 am, with 2 million gallons of gasoline on site and the capacity to accept barge deliveries.
• Power has been restored to Hess Brooklyn Terminal, which has gasoline and diesel products on site.

“This gas shortage is temporary but extremely frustrating to all of us, and potentially dangerous for those operating generators to power medical equipment or electric heat. I have expressed the severity of the situation to top officials at the US Coast Guard who are helping to coordinate the delivery of fuel barges to terminals on Long Island, and they are doing everything they can,” said Congressman Bishop.

Bishop urged residents to reduce driving to the extent possible and avoid filling up unless necessary. He urged motorists who feel they were overcharged for gasoline to keep their receipt and report the offending merchant to a Suffolk County consumer affairs hotline at 1-800-909-5423.

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  • The only “whistle blowing” Mr. Tria does is when his not too tight dentures make noise as he speaks….closely.

    This suit is a joke and so is Mr. Tria, the old man accomplished nothing as the “downtown mayor” and he is just a bitter old coger. He thinks he has one more fight left in him for Phil Cardinale and it is so sad –they are all part of the past.

    Vince, wake up, there is a new Riverhead moving forward and sadly you aren’t part of it. All you like to do now is sue people. Have the discredited dwarf carry your water. You used to matter.

  • what a shame,it seems that mr.tria is always in the middle of some kind of controversy.but what i do not understand is he was told by the attorney he hired for the bid when he was president that an attempt at a lawsuit was without merit.he just cost the bid 1000.00 in fines because as president he neglected to get workmens comp for our employee,we had to spend an additional 1200.00 for fireworks company he hired as president for insurance the fireworks company should have had.the list goes about telling us we could not buy firewood for the christmas bonfire 300.00,but he put a 300.00 ad on his own radio station when we already where paying for a tv ad.we were never allowed to talk when he was bid president yet he shows up at our meetings and we let him speak just like any other bid member. he should spend more time working at making the vail more successful but that will never happen,as a former member of the vail i could honestly say that all he would do was kill any ideas the board would give him.his main focus was the blues festival that got less and less attendance every year since he took it over and sadly it was financed by the town taxpayers who he charged to get in then instead of using the profit to do more fund raisers and shows he just put the money in the vails bank account.under cardinale he would never give an accounting of the money ,oddly enough cardinale was the same man who gave vince the blues festival and even used the towns insurance to cover it.unlike the bid which has it’s own insurance for every event. i remember when i was on the vail board and we voted not to sell liquor, the following month he was selling liquor again without our approval who holds the license to sell liquor at the vail ??? do they have liquor liability insurance? i doubt it. vince,again concentrate on making the vail a place the community can be proud of,let your board take it over,i am sure you have members that are capable of doing a great job

  • It seems quite simple- sometimes volunteers are welcomed and sometimes they are not. Just what is Mr. Tria’s problem? If he needs to be involved in the community as a volunteer there are many, many NGOs that could use his assistance. His insistence on being in control of the BID and the VAIL are just plain silly. And as to being a whistle blower- what was filed with the NYS AG’s office, the official office for filing such complaints? Once again, Mr. Tria just needs to turn his attention to matters of importance, such as the lack of proper lighting on his radio tower, the fact that his radio tower does not have the requisite 200 foot fall space, a radio station that each day gets smaller and smaller- these are items that are significant, not whether he has access to the BID and VAIL check books. It is time for Mr. Tria to re-direct himself and become constructive rather than tiring all of his with his constant chatter, threats, and just plain foolishness.

  • Really? once again good press, bad press, as long as it’s press. Or as one Vail board member put it…”Oh it’s just Vince being Vince. Kinda sums it up rather well, don’t it