Golf as warfare: Head Pro Leigh Notley reports on GBCC’s final 2012 tourney

LEIGH NOTLEY PHOTO | Mike Stromberg, former New York Jets star, taking a whack at cross county golf at GBCC.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving  and your houses were filled with family fun and raucous laughter.

My day was filled with food, football (not soccer), carving, then contractions — and not my belly after too much Turkey — but Bethany, my wife, going into labor. A speedy drive ensued to Southampton hospital. This was followed by new life on

Thanksgiving Day as baby Lila Taylor Notley was born and all our family had something, or rather someone, to be tremendously thankful for.

A word, if I may, from an Englishman, about Thanksgiving. This holiday isn’t celebrated in England, or any of the British Isles for that matter. I didn’t realize what all the fuss was about when I arrived in Philadelphia 13 years ago. However, for over half a dozen years (and the arrival of my family) it has become a very special day for me indeed and now I feel, “in the know”. Thank you America, for bestowing on me a tradition which I am very thankful for.

Now, onto the golf: Gardiner’s Bay Country Club held their final golf tournament ‘with a twist’ over Thanksgiving. On the Friday following Turkey Day nearly eighty intrepid golfers took to the links in a crazy cross country golf format. It was a great way to burn off some calories after some turkey stuffing With the ‘cross country’ golf holes granted names such as; “Precipice,” “Climb,” “Tangent” and “The Rock,” you can imagine the scene. Our members and their guests hiked up hill and down dale, teeing off from one tee box, and putting out on an entirely different green. This carried on for fourteen holes. The golf course looked like a battlefield with golfers embarking up embankments and then vaulting down valleys! Brandishing their four irons like broadswords!

Fortunately no one was injured, although there were plenty shouts of, “Fore!”

After just over three hours of fun everyone gathered into the warmth of the clubhouse to sample Chef Sebastian’s wares and a couple of, “Turkey Trotter” Cocktails.

After all the shouting and shooting, the results were as a follows;
1st Place — 46
Terry Barber, Ted Barber, John Barber, & Hap Oakley

2nd Place Gross — 48
Mike Stromberg, Ken Nolan, Martin Karpeh, & Mike Pomarico

3rd Place Gross — 49
John C.G. Brownlie, Hunter Starzee, Myles Clark, & Chris Young

Special Awards:
Men’s Closest to the Hole — Thomas A Carey – 7ft. 2in.
Women’s Closest to the Hole — Sarah Ward – 10ft. 1in.

I look forward to a continuing happy holiday season and reconnecting with everyone in the Spring. Happy Holidays!