Police, school officials meet on security

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Police Chief Jim Read met with school officials Monday morning to discuss security proceedures at the school.

An early Monday morning meeting between the Shelter Island School officials and Chief of Police Jim Read was called to discuss at the current state of security at the school.

Chief Read, who heads the town’s Emergency Management Committee, said each tragedy such as the mass shooting of children in Newtown, Connecticut Friday brings different perspectives to safety plans and procedures already in place.

“We’re currently and actively reviewing our plans,” Chief Read said.

One subject under discussion was the use of metal detectors at the school. “I don’t know if we’re at that level yet,” the chief said. “I think we have to take some other steps before we get to that. We’re trying to keep people’s freedoms and access to the schools as open as possible, but the priority is to protect students first.”

There will be a meeting of the chiefs of the East End town police departments this week, in response to the school shootings, Chief Read said.

One thing to be discussed there will be the Island’s ability to get law enforcement resources to the Island as quickly as possible. A “mutual aid agreement” among departments will be aired, the chief said.

“Because we’re so isolated and have for the most part a 10-man department, our ability to get resources here can sometimes be difficult, he said, adding that lessons from Newtown have to be learned to incorporate them into an improved security plan.