Shelter Island's history in New Year's past

SHELTER ISLAND REPORTER FILE PHOTO |The Indian basketball season got underway in January 1993 under a mural in the gymnasium painted by Peter Waldner. It was a gift to Shelter Island School from the class of 1993.

Youth have to wait two or three weeks

Plans to open a temporary youth center at the recycling center were delayed in January 2003 pending action by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. Before the center could open, it was necessary to get a reference number from the county that was not forthcoming in time for the beginning of the year, according to then Highway Superintendent Mark Ketcham. The reference number was needed to enable a legal installation of a septic system and water line. Mr. Ketcham said. He estimated the delay wouldn’t last more than a few weeks.

POSTSCRIPT: Today, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, now owned by the Town, is used as a youth center, while providing space for the Legionnaires to meet and hosting various community activities.

Indian basketball season gets under way

Players and cheerleaders got the basketball season rolling in January 1993 playing in the gym under a new sports mural painted by Reporter cartoonist Peter Waldner. The mural was a gift to the school from the Class of 1993.

POSTSCRIPT: Work is under way to create a sports Hall of Fame to honor athletes, coaches and others involved with Shelter Island School sports. The first inductees are expected to be named this spring.

Town passes flood plains building law

Concerned that the town might be held liable for letting improper structures be built in delicate areas, Shelter Island adopted a new law creating a V-6 zoning area based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency coastal lands map around the Island at elevation up to 14 feet. The new law imposed significantly more stringent rules on construction on such areas as compared with inland building. The law required the building inspector to review all permits for V-6 area construction  to be certain that appropriate documents were secured from county, state and federal authorities and that the sites were reasonably free from flooding. The buildings had to be built using flood-resistent materials and methods and elevated so the lowest portion of the structures were higher than the base flood level.

POSTSCRIPT: While Bridge Street and the Causeways sustained heavy flooding during Sandy’s visit, much of the Island escaped serious flooding despite considerable storm surges. Winds did topple trees and bring down electrical wires.

Town Board to name deputy supervisor

It was back in 1963 that then supervisor Evans Griffing called for appointing a deputy supervisor to provide a natural line of responsibility should a supervisor be unable to perform his or her responsibilities for a limited or permanent period of time. At the time, Mr. Griffing said the law would provide for the supervisor to name a deputy within five days of assuming office. But he said he would bow to the entire board to make a decision on who would serve as deputy. The deputy would receive no extra compensation for his potentially added responsibilities unless he became supervisor and the term would expire at the time of the next regularly scheduled election.

POSTSCRIPT: Councilwoman Chris Lewis is the current deputy supervisor and has on occasion run Town Board meetings or spoken on behalf of the board when Supervisor Jim Dougherty was out of town.