Tale of the wayward (and fearless) swan

ANYA DUVIVIER PHOTO | “Lucky” and Captain Chris Young conversing at North Ferry Friday morning.

Shelter Island part-time resident and Ohio college student Anya Duvivier is naming a swan she sighted this morning“Lucky.”

He deserved the handle, Ms. Duvivier figured, after North Ferry Captain Chris Young saved the bird from what she  thought would be certain death with several drivers almost clipping him as he paraded on a ferry slip.

Captain Young has had many encounters with Lucky in his 11 years of working for North Ferry. More than once he thought Lucky was going to try to board a boat. This time, though, he warned the swan that the ferry landing wasn’t safe. He then  grabbed a slice of pizza and tossed it into the water where Lucky quickly claimed it.

“It came right up to me and I was a little nervous,” Mr. Young said. “But I figured it wouldn’t bother me, recognizing me. It’s no big deal.”

But it was very big for Ms. Duvivier, who praised the captain for taking action, cutting Lucky a break when no one else would, and giving him a new lease on life.