Several weekend events canceled on Island

JULIE LANE PHOTO | A boat rests in the snowy slush next to Chase Creek Friday afternoon.

IGA cashier identifying herself only as  “Mean Jean” — she’s really not — reported a steady flow of shoppers Friday as year-rounders stocked up on last minute essentials and weekenders bought what they needed to make it through the storm.

But the majority rushed in and out of the store with only a couple of bags of items.

Sherri Cavasini was there with her niece Susana Cavasini, a Brazilian medical student, who came to Shelter Island Thursday for a week’s visit.

The temperature in Brazil today is 95 degrees, Sherri Cavasini said. But she said her niece loves being here.

“She thinks Shelter Island is heaven,” Ms. Cavasini said.

According to Shelter Island Public Library Director Denise DiPaolo, the library was slated to close at 2 p.m. Friday and remain closed all day Saturday. All events for both days were canceled.

The boys varsity basketball game against Greenport Friday afternoon was canceled and rescheduled for 5:45 p.m. Monday.

Streets Friday afternoon were slushy on the Island, but not slippery for drivers who were cautious. That’s unlikely to be the case tonight when temperatures plummet and snow begins to accumulate.

But in the early afternoon Friday, only a light coating was seen on roofs, trees and lawns because much of the snow that fell steadily was mixed with rain that created a generally slushy mess throughout the Island.