North Ferry runs are steady — so far

PETER BOODY PHOTO | North Ferry boats are running, but at high tide tonight it could be a different story.

North Ferry service is continuing its runs unabated by stormy weather, according to general manager Bridg Hunt.

Snow and winds don’t bother his crews, but high winds that accompany high tides could result in a temporary suspension of service around 9 p.m. tonight and 9 a.m. Saturday morning, Mr. Hunt said.

That would happen only if tides are very high, he said. And if a suspension becomes necessary, it would end as soon as the tide lowered.

Operating ferries in stormy weather is an expensive undertaking, Mr. Hunt said. During and after Sandy, he calculated that the ferry service lost about $80,000.

Stormy weather requires more money spent on maintenance and repairs. And after the snow stops, a full crew will be out clearing the landings so vehicles and passengers can board the boats.

Couple the cost of that with the reality that fewer people ride ferries in stormy weather and it’s a costly proposition, Mr. Hunt said.

The Reporter is awaiting word from South Ferry on its operations and will make that information available as soon as it’s  received.