No objections to subdivision: No development plans pending

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | The Planning Board met last night at Shelter Island Town Hall.

Neighbors of a proposed subdivision on the east side of Cartwright Road expressed little concern at Tuesday night’s Shelter Island Planning Board meeting at Town Hall.

This was largely because while the single lot would be divided into three separate properties if approved, there are no current plans for development. The property is owned by Clark Capital Limited Partnership.

Consulting engineer Matt Sherman of Sherman Engineering & Consulting, P.C. told the planners that while all but 300 feet of the property is zoned for business use, all three lots that would be created by the subdivision could be used for residential development. But no plans are yet in place for any development, he said.

The only change neighbors might see in the more immediate future would be some regrading and installation of dry wells in the area of Meadow Lane, he said.

What could prevent the Planning Board from approving the subdivision, a neighbor asked chairman Paul Mobius.

Nothing unless someone raises some objections, Mr. Mobius replied. The public hearing on the project was closed with no objections being raised.

The reason there are no building plans for the lots now is there are still steps that have to be taken with Suffolk County and the town, Mr. Sherman said.

A quick review of applications still pending with the planners resulted in agreement not to penalize those who fail to meet expected deadlines for moving their projects forward. Instead, the Planning Board will simply note that applications are still pending and it will up to property owners to deal with those issues holding up progress before returning to the planners.