Six arrests on this week’s police blotter, four for DWI


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Following an investigation into the theft of stolen property, police uncovered a string of larcenies that took place at seven businesses on Shelter Island and two in East Hampton. On Wednesday, August 28 at about 7 a.m., police arrested Susan M. Spalding, 63, of Louisiana, Missouri on Grand Avenue in the Heights on nine counts of criminal possession of stolen property, seven counts of petit larceny, grand larceny in the 4th degree and grand larceny in the 3rd degree.

According to police, thousands of dollars in stolen property was recovered, including artwork, jewelry and clothing.
Ms. Spalding was held overnight and arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court the next day, Judge Helen J. Rosenblum presiding. She was remanded to Suffolk County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

On Friday, August 30, at about 3 p.m., Jeffrey R. Verhalen, 37, of Dallas, Texas was issued an appearance ticket for Justice Court on a charge of reckless operation of a boat in West Neck Harbor. He was released on his own recognizance.

Danilo S. Cardia, 43, of Punta Gorda, Florida was driving on St. Mary’s Road on Saturday, August 31 at 1:51 a.m. when police stopped him for failure to keep to the right and to stay in lane. He was subsequently arrested for driving while intoxicated. Mr. Cardia was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court, Judge Rosenblum presiding, and posted bail of $750.

Bruce Y. Kim, 45, of New York City was stopped on South Midway Road at 11:23 p.m. on Saturday, August 31 for failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to keep to the right of the center line and failure to signal at a turn. He was subsequently arrested for DWI. Mr. Kim was held overnight and then arraigned in Justice Court in front of Judge Rosenblum. He was released on $500 bail.

On Sunday, September 1 at about 7 p.m., Margaret N. Braun, 23, of Southampton was stopped for speeding on Smith Street and North Menantic Road and subsequently charged with DWI. She was arraigned in Justice Court in front of Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt and released on $500 bail.

Also on Sunday, at 10:35 p.m., Noel L. Goddard, 38, of New York City, was stopped at a police DWI safety check point on South Ferry Road and arrested for DWI. He was also charged with failure to comply with a police officer/flag person. Mr. Goddard was arraigned in front of Judge Westervelt and released on $500 bail.

Bryan S. Verona, 41, of New York City was given a ticket on August 27 in West Neck Harbor for operating a PWC in inland Island waters and for not having a safe boating certificate.

Carlos Castella-Cane, 40, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was given a summons off Crescent Beach on August 31 for waterskiing without an observer.

Nick Iattoni, 30, of Sunset Beach Restaurant was given a summons for amplified sound in excess of 50 decibels on September 1.

Garrett D. Spellman, 56, of Nissequogue was given a summons on South Ferry Road for refusal to take a breath test.

On August 25, a boat owned by Joseph H. Sidorwicz of Southampton slipped its anchor 100 yards off shore in Shelter Island Sound and drifted down on a boat belonging to Savas Tsitiridis of New York City. Its anchor line was wrapped around the other boat’s line. Tide and wave action caused the starboard side of Mr. Sidorwicz’s boat to bang against the side of the second boat. No one was on board at the time of the accident. The amount of damage was not estimated.

James P. Olinkiewicz of Shelter Island told police he was driving southbound on Menantic Road on August 29 when he hit a deer. There was no damage to his vehicle; the deer had to be put down by police.

Phillip M. Susswein of New York City was traveling northbound on South Ferry Road when a deer ran out in front of his vehicle, causing minor damage.

In another minor accident on September 2, an anonymous caller reported that a truck had sideswiped a phone pole on Clinton Avenue. Police spoke to the driver, Denny Grisales of Islip, who said he had brushed the pole, which, according the police report, had already been broken. There was no further damage to the truck or the pole.

On August 27, a small dog was reported at large in the Heights; police returned the dog to its owner. On the same day, a caller complained about a dog coming off a Silver Beach property, attempting to bite him. The dog’s owner was given a warning by police.

A caller told police on August 27 that there were dogs running at large on a West Neck beach every day. The dogs were gone when police arrived.

A Chihuahua was reported at large in Cartwright on August 27; it was returned to the owner with a warning. On the 28th, the Chihuahua was at large again; police issued a second warning to the owner.

A dumpster was blocking a right-of-way in the Center on August 27; the Building Department was asked to follow up.

Police were told on August 27 that a Sunfish had capsized off Second Causeway with a person hanging on to the boat. The sailor climbed aboard an inflatable dinghy to get back to shore; the police returned the Sunfish to a dock.

On August 28, a Menantic caller reported there was a sick mole in the yard. The animal appeared to have a leg injury but disappeared into a wooded area and seemed healthy otherwise.

Responding to a call on August 28, police found two paddle boaters in distress between Jennings and Conkling points, clinging to one board. There were four others holding on to two boards and drifting towards the Brickyard Cove Marina. All were taken on board a marine unit.

A caller complained about loud music being played on the basketball courts at Fiske Field on August 28. At police request, the music was turned off.

A second noise complaint was received on the 28th — loud music and firecrackers at a Center location. The person involved said he’d turn down the music and refrain from setting off firecrackers.

A dog at large in the Center was reported on August 29; it was gone when police arrived. On the same day, a Silver Beach resident complained about a dog at large; police advised the owner to keep his dog off the property.

On August 30, police assisted the owner of a boat that had run aground off Silver Beach.

A case of petit larceny was reported in the Heights on August 31; on the same day, a case of petit larceny was reported in Westmoreland.

Following a complaint about parking, two parties in a property dispute in Cartwright will meet to discuss property lines.
LIPA responded to a report of a tree down on wires in Menantic on August 31.

A caller told police on August 31 that a boat leaving a West Neck Harbor inlet was being operated at a high rate of speed and that the operator was possibly intoxicated. Police spoke to the operator who did not appear to be intoxicated.

A dog was reported lost on a South Ferry Hills beach on August 31; the animal control officer returned the dog to its owner.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to an August 31 report that fuel was leaking from a boat in Cartwright. All the fuel was unloaded and the boat moved to another slip.

Police received a call about loud music at SALT on August 31. No music was being played when police responded.

On September 1, a caller reported fireworks in the Heights. There was no sign of fireworks but a fireworks show had just concluded in Greenport, according to the blotter.

A number of illegally parked vehicles were reported along Crescent Beach on September 1. Police issued one traffic ticket; all other spots were either open or filled with vehicles with town parking stickers.

An audible alarm in the Center was reported on September 1. Police located a smoke detector with a low battery.
On September 1, a Shorewood caller reported two dogs on a beach; police spoke to the owners who removed the dogs.

A grand larceny — theft of a bicycle — was reported in the Center on September 1.

An anonymous caller told police about a verbal altercation in a parking lot on September 2.

The SIFD responded to two fire alarms on August 29 — one at a Ram Island location, set off by a construction crew, and a second at a home on Ram Island, caused by a pot of soup burning on a stove.

A burglary alarm was activated on September 2 at a residence in Hay Beach; there was no sign of any criminal activity.

Shelter Island Emergency Service Teams transported four individuals to Eastern Long Island Hospital on August 27, 29 and 30 and on September 1.