Police blotter: One ticket, one accident


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Alberto Arana, 47, of Hampton Bays was stopped by police while driving on North Ferry Road on November 20. He was ticketed for driving an uninspected vehicle.

Jane Ritzler of Shelter Island reported on November 20 that she was in a rental car in the South Ferry lane when a vehicle driven by Marcella Langendal of Shelter Island rolled into the rear of her car, causing a crack in the bumper. The damage was minor, under $1,000 dollars, and no damage was reported to Ms. Langendal’s vehicle.

A caller reported a pit bull at large in the Center on November 19. The dog was gone when police arrived and the area was checked with negative results.

A broken outdoor spigot was reported at a construction site in Shorewood on November 19. Police turned off the switch to the water pump.

An automatic fire alarm was activated at a residence in the Center on November 19. Construction workers had set off the alarm, and the Fire Department’s response was called off by a SIFD chief.

A burglary alarm went off at a home in Silver Beach on November 19; repairs set off the alarm.

A caller told police on November 20 that trash was being dumped in the resident’s private dumpster.

A chimney cleaning company activated a burglary alarm on November 20 at a Silver Beach home. The resident requested no police response to any alarm in the future and was advised to work out that issue with the alarm company.

Also on the 20th, the SIFD extinguished a boat fire at the Tiki Bar at the Island Boatyard.

The Village of Dering Harbor reported a phone line problem on November 21. Verizon responded and the problem was corrected that day.

Police advised two people about eviction proceedings on November 21 at police headquarters.

On November 22, a caller reported that there were derelict rowboats piled up at a town landing in Silver Beach. Police put two boats in the impound lot; a third was taken to the town landfill.

A Longview caller told police on November 22 that two men were hunting on posted property. Police determined they were hunting in Westmoreland as part of the town’s Deer Management Program.

A downed tree limb blocked a Center roadway on November 24; the Highway Department was notified.

A boat was reported washed up on shore on November 24 due to high winds; the owner was notified.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on November 20 and 22.