Let it snow: Highway crews ready for the storm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Highway Department snow plows ready for action.

With light snow beginning to drift down just after 7 a.m., Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. said his crews were ready for a long day sanding roads, plowing when necessary, and playing a game of wait-and-see.

With temperatures hovering in the 20s and weather reports calling for 2-4 inches of snow through the morning and afternoon before turning to rain, Mr. Card said his department would be out in force to ensure safe roads for residents.

One thing the department can’t do is “pre- salt” roads so when the first layers of white stuff hits the pavement it will melt. Mr. Card explained that the Island prefers to wait to see accumulation levels before salting to protect our single source aquifer.

“Our concern is not to salt everything to death,” Mr. Card said, and risk seepage into the aquifer.

Another concern for the department is to see how the wintry mix of rain/snow affects major roads on the Island this evening and night, Mr. Card said, when sanding and salting will be needed.