A quiet start to the new year on the police blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

John P. Monaghan of Shelter Island was driving eastbound on Winthrop Road on January 6 when a deer ran into the front of his vehicle. Damage to the front bumper and hood of the vehicle was estimated at over $1,000. The deer was killed in the accident.

A caller reported a case of harassment on December 30 and was subsequently advised that the complaint was non-criminal in nature.

A caller reported on December 30 that there was a dumpster parked on a Center roadway. The owner was asked by police to move the dumpster but he said he owned the property and did not want to relocate the dumpster.

On December 30, an anonymous caller told police that a driver in the vicinity of the North Ferry was drinking beer. The area was canvassed with negative results.

Police received a call on December 31 that a tractor trailer had pulled down an electric line in the Heights. LIPA was notified.

Police on patrol on January 1 noticed a large pool of water/ice at a Center location. Water was found running out of an exterior open faucet. The faucet was closed and the tenant notified.

A dead deer was reported in Silver Beach on January 1.

An injured deer was reported in Hay Beach on January 3, but was gone when police arrived.

An injured deer reported in Menantic on January 6 was dead when police arrived.

Police notified highway staff in the town, the Village of Dering Harbor and the Heights about Island-wide hazardous roadways on January 2.

On January 4 a caller reported a fire in the wall of a Center residence. The Shelter Island Fire Department responded; the fire was in the chimney of a wood-burning stove.

A dog at large in the Center was reported on January 4. Police returned the dog to its owner.

A caller told police on January 4 that people were hunting illegally in Silver Beach. The hunters told police they thought the shotgun season started January 1, not January 6, which was this year’s date. They were advised to leave the property.

Police responded to a verbal altercation in the Heights on January 4.

A confidential investigation into drugs was opened on January 6.

Also on January 6, a caller told police some individuals were attempting to force their way into a building in the Center. The report was unfounded.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to three fire alarms at residences in Hay Beach, Dering Harbor and the Heights on December 30 and January 3 and 5 respectively. One was set off by food burning in the kitchen, a second was activated by a worker who was sanding and a third alarm was caused when sheetrock was removed in a bathroom.

Three burglary alarms went off at homes in Hay Beach and the Center on December 31 and January 3. A system failure may have caused one; exhaust from a propane furnace may have caused a second; and the alarm at a third residence, under construction, could have been activated by high winds.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on December 30 and January 2 and 5. A team responded to an aided case on December 31 but further medical attention and transportation to ELIH was refused.