Shelter Island Justice Court hands down decisions


The following is a list of court cases adjudicated at the November 18 session of Shelter Island Justice Court. The reports are compiled from information provided to the Reporter by the Court. Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt was on the bench for this session.

Abner Castillo Sanchez of Calverton was fined $75 plus a state surcharge of $93 for driving without a license. A taillight violation was dismissed.

Mario Hernandes of Greenport was fined $75 plus $93 for unlicensed driving. A charge of failure to keep to the right was dismissed.

Eric J. Koszalka of Shelter Island was fined $500 plus $400 for driving while intoxicated. He received a one-year conditional discharge and was assigned an ignition interlock device. Mr. Koszalka’s license was revoked for six months.

Alexandra J. Manzo of Sag Harbor was fined $25 plus $63 for an equipment violation, reduced from a stop sign violation.
Danane J. Porch of Bayonne, New Jersey was fined $100 plus $85 for a cellphone violation. A charge of driving without an inspection certificate was dismissed.

Jordan Williams of Quaker Hill, Connecticut was fined $25 plus $93 for a seatbelt violation.

Eitan Z. Goldman of New Rochelle was fined $100 for operating a boat near a swimming area.

Four defendants failed to appear in court. Eighteen cases were adjourned until later dates on the court’s calendar — 17 at the request of the defendants and one at the court’s request.