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Four accidents top week’s police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Elizabeth D. Huttman of Shelter Island was backing out of a space in the Presbyterian Church parking lot on North Ferry Road on January 16 when she hit a parked car belonging to Kathleen M. Earley of Shelter Island. Damage to the right rear of Ms. Huttman’s vehicle and the right front of Ms. Earley’s vehicle was estimated at over $1,000.

Also on January 16, Marilyn A. Politi of Sag Harbor was driving southbound on South Ferry Road when a deer ran out onto the roadway, hitting the vehicle. There was no damage and the deer ran off into the woods.

On January 17, Jean Lawless of Shelter Island told police that she was driving east on Ram Island Drive when she was momentarily blinded by the sun. The side-view mirror on the passenger side of her vehicle hit the side-view mirror on the driver’s side of a vehicle belonging to Richard A. Clark of Shelter Island, which was parked along the side of the road. Damage was estimated at over $1,000.

Roni King of Shelter Island was traveling southbound on South Ferry Road on January 20 when a deer ran into the front of her vehicle, causing under $1,000 in damage.

On January 14, a caller reported pot holes at the intersection of Smith and School streets. Police notified the Shelter Island Highway Department.

Police alerted the town, Heights and Village of Dering Harbor highway staff to icy road conditions on January 15.

Police responded to a January 15 request for an extra patrol of town property in the Center.

On January 16, police investigated a call regarding a bike being taken from a bike rack in the Center. The person involved had permission to use the bike.

Police received a complaint from a South Ferry caller on January 17 that a vehicle was blocking visibility. The owner of the vehicle was advised to move it.

Police received a report on January 17 that water was running down the driveway of a Hay Beach residence. The water supply was shut off but there was substantial interior damage according to the police report.

On January 17, police stopped a person operating a motor scooter in the Center with a passenger who was not wearing a helmet. The driver did not have a license and a relative took the scooter back to the residence.

Police reported numerous incidents of graffiti at the Wades Beach bath house on January 18.

On the same day, graffiti was also reported on a roadway in Silver Beach.

On January 18, a Menantic resident reported finding a window open and seeing what may have been a flashlight in the woods. Police checked for footprints and fingerprints and also canvassed the property and surrounding woods with negative results.

Police responded to a report of a missing bicycle on January 20. The bike was subsequently located; no criminal activity was involved.

Five residential burglary alarms were set off on January 16, 17, 18 and 19 in Hay Beach, South Ferry Hills and the Heights. One was at a residence under construction and the premises were secure; a second was activated when a person entered the residence without knowing the code; another may have been caused by an Island-wide “power flash.” A malfunctioning alarm was responsible for one activation and another may have been caused by workers on the site. A burglary alarm was also activated at the North Ferry building while it was being cleaned and may have been set off by an alarm malfunction.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to an alarm at a Shorewood residence on January 18. There was no fire and the alarm system may have been defective.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on January 16, 17 and 20.