Chamber announces fireworks program

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Fireworks last July over Crescent Beach.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Fireworks last July over Crescent Beach.

The Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce is planning a midsummer spectacle that won’t be just another “oohs and ahhs” fireworks show.

On tap for the evening of July 12, the Chamber is planning a gala concert by the Perlman Music Program dubbed “Stars, Stripes and Strings.”  Along with the concert at the PMP campus there will be dinner and prime views of the skies over Crescent Beach as they explode with pyrotechnic glory from  the world-renowned Grucci family.

These are just some of the new features for Shelter Island’s annual fireworks display, according to Chamber President Art Williams.

Also new is the Chamber, which has organized and presented the patriotic display in past years, has now partnered with The Clamshell Foundation.

The East Hampton-based nonprofit foundation’s mission is, according to its charter, “to enrich the lives of others in our community by fostering education in health, cultural, and environmental fields of endeavor.”

Over the years the foundation has supported many East End Community causes.

Mr. Williams said the main reason to partner with the Clamshell Foundation is money.

“It takes $35,000 to $40,000 to run the event,” Mr. Williams said.

He noted that it wasn’t a question of Islander’s or members of the Chamber’s generosity that spurred the idea to bring a partner aboard, but that with the help of the foundation, the event can be managed and run smoothly.

Proceeds from the event, including donations from businesses and individuals and tickets to the concert and dinner, will go through the nonprofit. After a management fee is taken out the remaining funds will go to expand the Chamber’s annual Shelter Island High School Student Awards program, Mr. Williams said.

Ticket information and more details about the Stars, Stripes and Strings concert and dinner will be announced later this spring, according to the Chamber.