Take the Reporter’s Deer & Tick poll



Deer and ticks.

These two — separate and aligned — have dominated the public discussion on the Island for years, at Town Hall, at civic association meetings, on the Reporter’s news, OpEd and letters’ pages.

Recently the idea of a public referendum was floated by Councilman Ed Brown at a Town Board meeting to ask voters how they would fund deer management and the 4-poster program, which is a series of feeding stands that brush deer with a chemical, permetherin, that kills ticks. That idea seems to have been tabled for the moment.

The board also, at the suggestion of Councilman Peter Reich, discussed sending out a questionnaire to residents to get a sense of where the community is on the all-important issue. The board is currently considering the idea.

The Reporter has put together a poll and asks you to weigh in on some of the critical questions facing the Island.