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Police blotter: 5 ticketed in quiet week



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Raymond Hulse, 23, of Orient was given a summons on North Ferry Road on June 11 for driving while using a cellphone without a hands-free device.

Frank D. McNeil, 44, of Mastic Beach was ticketed on St. Mary’s Road on June 12 for driving  an uninspected vehicle.

On June 13, Claire L. Sacco, 24, of Glenmont was given a summons for a cellphone violation on West Neck Road.

Edward Martinez, 37, of Brooklyn received a summons on North Ferry Road on June 14 for following too closely behind another vehicle.

Troy Joseph Scocca, 19, of Syosset was ticketed on West Neck Road for failure to stop at a stop sign.

During the week, the Traffic Control Officers issued 26 parking tickets.


On June 11, Elyzabeth D. Boudreaux of Portsmouth, New Hampshire reported that she was backing out of a parking space at the Vine Street Café when her vehicle was hit by Hanna Lachert-Segal of Yonkers, who was also backing out. There was minor damage to the front right bumper of Ms. Boudreaux’s vehicle; there was no damage to Ms. Lachert-Segal’s vehicle.
other reports

Other reports

Police received a report on June 12 that a person was walking a dog near a piping plover area in Silver Beach. Police located the person, who was advised that dogs are not allowed on town beaches between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

A Cartwright resident told police on June 12 that unknown person(s) had dumped garbage in the caller’s dumpster. An extra patrol was requested. Police also advised the caller to either chain the top of the dumpster or get a security camera.

When an open door was reported on June 12, police searched a Center residence for signs of any criminal activity. None was noted.

A Center caller reported an ongoing dispute with a tenant on June 12. Police advised the caller that the problem was civil in nature, not a police matter.

On June 12, a Dering Harbor caller reported, for informational purposes, that a truck driver had used a village hydrant to fill the truck’s tank. The caller had advised the driver not to use hydrants for this purpose.

Police received a report on June 12 that 14 dogs, housed at a Center residence, were barking “day and night,” according to the blotter. The dog warden was asked to investigate.

On June 12, police investigated a complaint made by a pedestrian about a passing motorist.

A case of criminal mischief that occurred overnight at the Shelter Island School was reported on June 13.

A Silver Beach caller reported on June 13 that workers had accidentally cut a power line; PSEG was notified.

Police received a noise complaint on June 14 about loud music at Sunset Beach. On request, the volume was lowered.

A boat was reported missing from a Silver Beach mooring on June 14. The brass clip on the mooring was still intact, according to the police report, indicating that the boat had been removed intentionally. Marine units searched the area with negative results.

A caller told  police on June 14 that a vehicle, headed southbound on North Ferry Road, was swerving all over the roadway. Police searched the area with negative results.

Police and Shelter Island Fire Chiefs responded to a report of smoke at a Center residence on June 15. It was caused by food burning on the stove.

Police responded to a report of a verbal altercation with an employee in the Heights on June 15.

On  the 15th, police noticed a boat in Dering Harbor floating very low in the water and pumped out the vessel.

On June 16, a Shorewood caller reported that a fawn was stuck inside a fence. Police lifted the deer over the fence and it ran off.

A caller told police on June 16 that a black Lab was at large in the Center. Police picked up the dog and placed it in the town kennel. The dog was subsequently returned to its owner with a warning about violating the town code on dogs at large.

Also on the 16th, police opened an investigation into alleged illegal drug activity on the Island.

On June 16, a parked dump truck was reported facing the wrong way at a Center intersection. Police spoke to the owner, who moved the truck.

A caller told police on June 16 that a boat had broken loose from its mooring in Silver Beach and washed up on shore.

A patrol was requested in a Hay Beach neighborhood after a resident had received many hang-up phone calls.

There were four automatic burglary alarms during the week on June 10, 12 and 16 in residences in the Center, Tarkettle and on Ram Island. Two were set off accidentally by workers on site; the wrong code was entered in another incident; and there were no signs of any criminal activity in a fourth case. An alarm at Capital One Bank was set off on June 16 when the cleaning staff entered the wrong code by mistake.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three individuals to Eastern Long Island Hospital on June 10, 13 and 15.