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Alfred Brigham wasn’t fooled for a minute by last week’s photo (see below), probably because it’s part of his DNA. Al wrote, “That’s easy, it’s my great-grandfather’s, Walter Cole Brigham’s, marine mosaic stained glass window, looks like Union Chapel, but it could be Saint Mary’s.”

Another Brigham, Marion Brigham Williams, who grew up on the Island and now lives in South Carolina, is the granddaughter of the artist.

Marion wrote to say: “I was thrilled when I opened the June 19 issue of the Reporter and saw one of my grandfather’s windows. The window in the picture is a beautiful example of his work and is located in the Union Chapel. Thank you!”

Ben Jones called to confirm the correct location as Union Chapel. “It’s a beautiful work of art,” Ben said. “When the sun hits it, it’s the most beautiful thing you can imagine.”

Margie Cyr phoned to say the window is, “One of my favorite sights since I was a little girl. Whenever I have house guests, one of the first things I say is,’You have to see this window.’”

And Carolyn Denning, visiting the Reporter office on another errand, wanted to be sure she was correct in identifying Walter Brigham’s masterpiece.

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