All together now



The Smith-Taylor Cabin on Taylor’s Island played host to the descendants of Francis Marion and Evelyn Ellis Smith on July 29.

Three generations of the family came from Colorado, Connecticut, Montana and other far-flung places — some for the first time to the Island. In the past, the Smiths summered here and lived in Oakland, California, traveling from coast to coast in their private rail car.

The oldest grandchild attending was born shortly after the Hurricane of ‘38 and the youngest great-great -grandchild at the reunion was six months old.

Two great-granddaughters, Katy Drew Braiewa and Dina Allison, started planning the reunion in January, prompted by Katy posting her cousin Dina’s quilt square that appears on the Smith Cabin Signature Quilt, celebrating the log cabin built by Francis Marion Smith of 20-Mule Team Borax fame.

The medallion quilt, begun in 2006 and finished in 2009, is displayed in the Smith-Taylor Cabin and was created as a fundraiser for the Taylor’s Island Foundation to assist in restoring this town-owned treasure.

The gang was transported to Taylor’s Island by committee members Keith Clark and Steve Lenox and Taylor’s Island Foundation member Harriet Reilly O’Halloran and her husband, Rich.