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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Evan A. Kraus of Shelter Island was issued a ticket on the afternoon of March 19 for driving without a permit on the beach on the south side of the first Ram Island Drive causeway where his Jeep became stuck in a grassy wetlands area.

Police also issued four verbal warnings to drivers during targeted traffic enforcement exercises last week.

Police and other emergency responders were busy during the storm on March 14 handling reports of downed trees in the West Neck area; flooding on Bridge Street; debris washing across the Ram Island causeways; and, as the temperature dropped, icy road conditions throughout the Island. At least one caller reported that her car had gone off a road. Late that night, an automated burglary alarm sounded at an unoccupied Hay Beach residence; there was no sign of criminal activity.

On March 15: An officer located and dispatched a sick raccoon in the West Neck area; a Menantic homeowner reported a burning smell but responders from the Shelter Island Fire Department found no evidence of fire; workers at a Menantic home set off a burglary alarm; reports of downed tree limbs were forwarded to PSEG; and police officers assisted other agencies in ongoing investigations on the Island.

Two kayaks and a sailboat went missing during the storm. On March 16, a Harbor View caller reported finding a kayak washed up on the beach there; it was removed by the town Highway Department to the impound lot. Around the same time, a Tarkettle area caller reported his kayak missing from the beach on his property. The next day, a sailboat washed ashore on Ram Island.

Also on March 16, an officer assisted a resident in confirming the status of his vehicle registration, and a 911 hangup call from the Menantic area was determined to be a false alarm.

A Dering Harbor resident called police on March 17 to confirm whether a hunter was permitted to hunt on a particular parcel; he was.

Smoke from a lunchtime bonfire on March 18 at a West Neck location disturbed neighbors; the fire was extinguished upon request. Later, a West Neck caller reported that her disabled vehicle would have to remain overnight at the beach awaiting service.

In the Tarkettle area on March 19 a caller reported finding possible fireworks in a parking area; the items turned out to be spent fireworks. Later, a Menantic homeowner reported that a child accidentally set off the home’s fire alarm; the SIFD responded and determined it was, indeed, a false alarm.

A Bay Constable hauled a large log from the waters off Shell Beach on March 20, and police investigated a complaint of an odor of propane in the area of the South Ferry terminal but found no evidence of a leak and passed the report on to counterparts who cover the North Haven area.

A police dispatcher reported a 911 call with only static on the line coming from a Ram Island residence on March 20; no one was at home and the caretaker said the phone company would be notified.