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Shelter Island Police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

A car owned by Peter J. Dooher of Brooklyn was damaged in an accident on March 17, when a vehicle reportedly driven by Scott G. Sivco of Shelter Island ran into it while it was parked and unoccupied in a no parking zone opposite the Shelter Island House.

The two drivers exchanged information, but Mr. Sivco left before police arrived.

Damage to Mr. Dooher’s car was estimated as greater than $1,000.

A Shelter Island police officer reported on March 21 that while he was on patrol on North Menantic Road a deer ran out and struck the front of the police vehicle he was driving; there was no damage, were no injuries and the deer ran off into the woods.
James F. Gibbs of Shelter Island reported to police on March 27 that his car apparently was struck while parked in the middle area of the I.G.A. lot.

Damage to the right side quarter panel was estimated at less than $1,000.

Two motorists were ticketed last week for speeding 50 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone on St. Mary’s Road: Adrien Eveque of Shelter Island on March 22, and Scott L. Murphy of Wainscott on March 24.

Anthony M. McAteer was ticketed on Manwaring Road on March 23 for speeding 54 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone.

In four other targeted enforcement exercises last week, police issued three warnings to drivers.

On March 21, police officers worked with other agencies to correct a problem with a resident’s medical alert device that was not functioning properly.

A police officer gave the fourth D.A.R.E. lesson to 7th grade students at the Shelter Island School on March 21; students in the 5th grade were instructed in lesson five the following day.

A wire was reported to be dangling from a utility pole in the Center on March 22; an officer secured it and notified the cable company for repairs. That evening, a Menantic caller reported an injured deer on her property. The responding officer dispatched the animal and covered it with a tarp until it could be removed the next day by the Highway Department.

On March 23, an enforcement officer of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reported finding a kayak on the beach near Crab Creek; it was moved to an off-Island DEC impound lot. Later, a Center caller reported finding a piece of a car bumper with a license plate still attached; the owner was notified and retrieved it.

On Hay Beach on March 24 a caller reports that while workers were clearing land they inadvertently pulled down the primary electric supply that was wrapped in vines. PSEG was notified.

At police headquarters that day an officer assisted a caller with fingerprinting for employment purposes.

Police received a report on March 25 of a dispute at a Hay Beach residence.

A Center property owner notified police on March 26 that a section of wooden fence on his property was down. The responding officer advised that the segment likely had fallen due to the wood being rotten and would have to be replaced; the caller agreed.

Later, an automated burglary alarm sounded at a Center residence; the responding officer and property caretaker determined it was caused by a door left partially open.

Two Shelter Island police officers assisted in directing traffic at Montauk’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 26.

A caller reported late on March 26  that he would be leaving a disabled vehicle in a public parking area overnight until it could be repaired the following day. Another caller asked police to open an investigation into possible harassing behavior online.

A police officer performed court duty on March 27 and PSEG advised police of an Island-wide power failure around 10:30 a.m. A little later an automated burglary alarm was activated at a West Neck residence due to the power failure.

That afternoon, a Silver Beach caller found a wandering dog; the animal control officer picked up the dog and returned it to its owner.

Later, a Center caller notified police, for informational purposes, that she has barred an individual from her residence. She did not request police assistance. Also on March 27, a caller reported for information purposes having received an item of mail believed to be a scam attempt.

A Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services team transported an aided case to Southampton Hospital on March 26.