Job fair opens doors for students

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Owen Gibbs checks out an offer of summer employment at the Gardiner's Bay Country Club from golf pro Leigh Notley.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Student Owen Gibbs checks out an offer of summer employment at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club from golf pro Leigh Notley.

Employers came because they want to keep it local. Students came for opportunities to gain summer employment and, for some, make connections that could lead to future full-time employment.

The second year for the Shelter Island School’s Job Fair on Friday, organized by guidance counselor Martha Tuthill, was a success, she said, expressing delight with the turnout on the part of both employers and students.

It was an opportunity to get a summer job and, for some, to make connections that could lead to future full-time employment.

Employers represented restaurants, boatyards, South Ferry, hotels, country clubs, retail stores, the Shelter Island Library, Sylvester Manor, Mashomack Preserve and the Shelter Island Historical Society.

For students who need them, applications for New York State Department of Labor working papers were provided.

“We want to keep it local,” said Leigh Notley, golf pro at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club.

Coming to work at the club for a summer, Mr. Notley added, can lead to students returning there the following summers while they complete their college studies.

“I need some locals,” said the Dory’s Jack Kiffer. He thinks he has enough workers lined up for the summer, but still has some openings for busboys and dishwashers. Other possibilities could open, Mr. Kiffer said.

The Pridwin’s J.P. Torrealba thinks he found just what he needs in Danny Boeklen, 16, who already has a full-time summer job, but is looking to make some extra money by working an extra gig.

Mr. Torrealba saw Danny as someone with talents to fill a number of roles at the hotel and restaurant. Employer and future employee said Friday it appeared they have a deal with details to be finalized at a future date.

SALT has always been popular with Island students, said owners Keith and Allison Ballad. the couple said they like hiring students who come in at age 15 and generally work summers through college years.

Lyng Coyne, who is in Shelter Island High School’s graduating class of 2020, looked at both the Pridwin and Islander for summer employment.

“I’m very organized,” she said, touting one of her skills. Lyng always planned to work at an Island restaurant and hopes to secure a deal with one for this summer.

“It’s good experience,” said Lucas Quigley-Dunning about summer employment. The 9th grader already has job lined up with a tree service this summer, but still showed up to talk to the employers, to meet them and perhaps to consider the right second job.