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Shelter Island Justice Court reports

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Justice Court.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Justice Court.

The following cases were adjudicated at Shelter Island Justice Court on May 22, 2017, as reported by the court. Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt was on the bench.

Royal D. Tuthill of Greenport pleaded guilty to a turn signal violation and was fined $147 plus a $93 state surcharge.

Pleading guilty to a violation of miscellaneous rules and fined as follows were: Demetrius Lilikakis of Brooklyn, $107 plus $93, and Tina M. Arcuri of Deer Park, $57 plus $93.

Charles J. Magill of Stuart, Florida, failed to appear in court and was deemed a scofflaw.

The following Shelter Island residents appeared during the Town Court session: Stephanie Bucalo was found guilty after a trial on a noise disturbance complaint and was fined $500; Elaine Lafferty pleaded guilty to a building construction violation and was fined $500; and Scott M. Kesler pleaded guilty to an expired inspection and was fined $30.

During the Village Court session in a case against Brad Goldfard and Alfredo Paredes for installing a hedge without a permit, Judge Westervelt denied their motion to dismiss the charges against them, found both guilty and fined them each $250.

(Note: On May 24, Judge Westervelt’s decision was stayed by New York State Supreme Court Judge Arthur G. Pitts pending appeal, according to the defendants’ attorney, Linda Margolin.)

Ten cases on the court calendar were adjourned to later dates, four at the request of the court and six at the request of defendants or their attorneys.