School Board seeking a business manager

JULIE LANE PHOTO Superintendent Christine Finn with Board of Education President Graffagnino .

Superintendent Christine Finn with Board of Education President Graffagnino .

The Shelter Island Board of Education is continuing to interview candidates to replace business leader Tim Laube who resigned last month to take a job as business manager in the Eastport-South Manor School District, much nearer to his home.

New superintendent Christine Finn officially takes over her job September 1, but will be on the Island next week to meet community members when she does a “meet and greet” and answers questions on Thursday, August 24, at 6 p.m. in the school auditorium. That will be followed by an informal reception in the lobby.

Without these two key district leaders Monday night, the Board of Education moved forward on pending issues and revisions of policies.

No decision has been reached about whether to withdraw from the New York State Lunch Program that in the previous school year netted the district $52,000 in state aid. The aim of doing so would be to offer menu items not included on the state’s list that board members believe would be healthier and more appealing to increase the number of students purchasing lunch.

At the end of the last school year, Todd Gulluscio — director of athletics, physical education, health, wellness and personnel — said he was waiting to see if there are any changes to the New York State Child Nutrition program at the federal level. But even if the district does eventually withdraw from the state program, it won’t affect the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

With respect to trying to enhance the school cafeteria and courtyard, money won’t allow for making many of the changes desired — at least at the current time. Instead, the committee that has been discussing the changes is opting for low-cost enhancements, Mr. Gulluscio said in a written update to the board.

Those steps include a fresh coat of paint; posting student art work; and using herbs and other plants on the window sill in the cafeteria.

The board had a second reading of its policy affecting travel and expense reimbursements that basically remains the same as it has been. First readings of 14 other policies were on the August 14 agenda and all are accessible on the school website at under the Board of Education tab. Suggested policy changes are highlighted in red on the agenda copy for the August 14 meeting.

In other business, the Board of Education:
• Set October 21 as the date for the vote on the Shelter Island Library budget. The budget is currently being developed and further information will be available in September.
• Accepted a contribution of $480 from the Shelter Island Educational Foundation for the Challenge Escape Rooms Program.
• Heard a request from physical education teacher Brian Becker to add two field trips to the planned schedule  for the 2017-18 school year. Mr. Becker told the Board of Education that Mr. Laube had told him there would be money in the budget to accommodate the extra trips. Mr. Becker promised detailed information on the trips at the September 18 Board of Education meeting.
• Retroactively approved the appointment of Ian Kanarvogel to teach the summer driver’s education program from August 1 through August 31 at the hourly rate of $42.65, not to exceed 95 hours.
• Granted a continued medical leave of absence to science teacher Sharon Gibbs to run from September 4 through January 2, 2018.
• Appointed Michael Bunce Jr. as a health teacher at a salary of $54,290.
• Appointed Jasmine Belic-Frasco and Frederick Marienfeld as permanent substitutes for the school year.
• Appointed Lillian Klupka, Jenifer Maxson,, Marian McEnroe, Phyllis Power, Mary Theinert, Richard Osmer, Corey Brewer, Emily O’Brien, Kimberly Curko, Edward Marlatt, Shannon Coyne, Christopher Coyne, Vanessa Lara, Kathleen Renault and Lee Yuen Lew as substitute teachers.
• Appointed Mary Boeklen as a substitute aide and Kathleen Renault as substitute nurse.
• Appointed Patricia Kreppein and Janine Mahoney as detention monitors.
• Appointed science teacher Dan Williams to oversee the science club at an additional salary of $1,545 and the science fair at an additional salary of $1,920.
• Appointed Debra Sears as a substitute dispatcher at a salary of $5,000.
• Appointed James Theinert and Michael Bunce Jr. as chaperones or clock keepers to be paid $97.83 for a single game or $150.14 for a double header.
• Received word from former superintendent Leonard Skuggevik that social studies teacher James Bocca would be the new chairman of the Shared Decision-Making Committee.