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Shelter Island Police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Christopher J. Gaultieri, 49, of Sag Harbor, was stopped by a bay constable in Dering Harbor around 3 p.m. on August 13 and arrested for boating while intoxicated. He was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court before Judge Helen Rosenblum who released him on his own recognizance with orders to return to court at a later date.

Peter B. Dinkle of Pleasantville, New York was ticketed on August 4 for operating an unregistered vessel after an accident during an unsanctioned race caused damage to two sailboats.

On August 9, Graeme A. Baker of Orient was ticketed for speeding 40 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone on New York Avenue.

Ticketed on August 10 for speeding in the 35-mph zone on St. Mary’s Road were: Sean T. Denara of Shelter Island, clocked at 47 mph, and Nidia M. Mouzon of Hampton Bays, at 46 mph, who was also ticketed for being an unlicensed driver.

Mohamed Elsarky of Water Mill was ticketed on August 11 for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

Tarkan Bastiyali of New York City was ticketed on August 11 on South Ferry Road for operating a motor vehicle (MV) while using a mobile phone.

Megan I. Winegar of Bakersfield, California was ticketed August 12 on Grand Avenue for operating a MV while using a portable electronic device.

Robert C. Anderson of Boca Raton was ticketed in water off Crab Creek August 13 for operating a vessel at imprudent speed. Later, Michael D. Rees of New Canaan was ticketed for operating an unregistered vessel in West Neck Harbor.

The manager of Sunset Beach, Roberto M. Escalera, was ticketed just after midnight August 14 for violating the town’s noise regulation.

Benjamin M. Palm of Shelter Island was ticketed on August 14 around 4:30 a.m. for permitting unreasonable noise. He had been warned earlier in the night about disturbing neighbors.

Also ticketed August 14 were: Jorge M. Valera of Riverhead on New York Avenue for being an unlicensed driver; Jennifer Gray of Coram on West Neck Road for having inadequate or no stop lamps; and Milton M. Estrada of Roslyn Heights, New York on Congdon Road for driving an unregistered vehicle.

The legal limit for porgies is 10 inches. Several people caught taking short porgies were issued warnings last week. Ticketed for the violation were Romeo Thomas of Shelter Island and Ivan B. Sinchi Tacuri of East Elmhurst.

Officers also issued 57 parking tickets last week.

Three accidents were reported that caused damage in excess of $1,000.

On August 12, while attempting to parallel park on North Ferry Road near the town dock, Christine M. Martin of New York City sideswiped a parked vehicle owned by Rebecca M. Shafer of Watermill damaging the sides of both cars.

On August 13, while he was driving westbound on Smith Street near Baldwin Road, Martin Scheiber reported a deer ran out an struck the front of his vehicle damaging the bumper and grill.

Later, Glenda R. Carpio was backing out of a driveway when she struck a parked car owned by Lauren G. Dickerson of Shelter Island causing damage to the entire driver’s side of her own car and to the right rear quarter panel of Ms. Dickerson’s vehicle.

Numerous incidents involving dogs were reported last week. A woman said that while walking her own dog in South Ferry Hills on August 4 she was charged by a large dog behaving in an aggressive manner. The dog’s owner, who told the responding officer that the dog is very territorial, was warned that when not confined to her property, the dog must be kept under control.

On August 9, an officer could not find a dog reported wandering the Heights; and around 8 p.m. a dog was reported by neighbors to have whined noisily for two hours. The owner returned home and apologized for the disturbance.

On August 10, two dogs escaped their yard and were caught by an officer, who advised their owner to conduct additional training with the dog fence system. Later, a dog found at large in the West Neck area was returned to its owner.

On August 12, a loose dog in Hay Beach was caught by an officer and returned to its owner. On August 13, a Center caller complained of barking dogs, but no violation was observed. The next day, a dog was reported at large in the Center by its owner; an officer assisted in the search.

Later, a Menantic caller complained of continuous barking; the dog’s owner, who said it was newly adopted and would soon adjust, was warned that future disturbance might lead to a ticket.

In other news, a Cartwright resident complained August 8 of being harassed by a neighbor. Later, a Ram Island caller reported kayaks being stored improperly on a beach there.

On August 9, a license plate was reported missing from a trailer; a faulty smoke detector in the Heights set off an audible alarm; a bay constable escorted a vessel low on fuel to the gas dock; and police investigate a domestic dispute.

A bay constable told the owner of a vessel anchored in the swim area off Crescent Beach on August 10 to move. Someone complained that a truck, trailer and boat were blocking the view of guests at a hotel, but the responding officer found no violations. An EMS pager went missing; a person reported receiving an unwanted text and another reported a possible scam call.

Also on August 10: A Shorewood resident complained of an ATV being operated on roads there with a child on board but the ATV was gone by the time police arrived; a worried mother reported a group of kayakers overdue from an excursion, but the paddlers were found to be safe; a passing boater helped a sailboat in distress; and an officer asked a Heights merchant to move a sign outside his business that was causing pedestrians to move into the road in a high traffic area.

A wallet found on a North Ferry boat on August 11 was returned to its owner; a bay constable warned a sailor not to enter the swim area off Crescent Beach; a bay constable responded to a call from a boater off Silver Beach about a possible fire aboard that turned out to be an overheating issue (the boat was towed by SeaTow); a purse reported stolen was returned to its Ram Island owner with nothing missing; and a power wink cause an automated burglary alarm to sound in a Menantic home.

On August 12, a bay constable assisted paddlers lost in fog. Police began an investigation in Silver Beach. A West Neck homeowner turned over to police two guns that apparently had been left behind by a tenant a year ago; a Center resident complained of fireworks around 11 p.m., but the responding officer found no one setting off fireworks.

A bay constable issued a warning on August 13 to the owner of a vessel who had been towing people in front of the North Ferry slips, and asked the owners of vessels in Coecles Harbor and West Neck Harbor to move to a proper anchorages. An officer dispatched an injured deer found in a Center yard. A dinghy reported to be adrift was retrieved by its owner prior to the arrival of a bay constable.

The next day, a North Ferry boat reported another dinghy adrift, this one in the ferry channel; it was retrieved by its owner.

A Hay Beach resident on August 14 accidentally set off the home’s burglary alarm. Later, a South Ferry Hills resident reported a suspicious person in her driveway, who ran off when confronted. A petit larceny was reported in the Heights. A Center resident reported shouting and the sound of engine revving; it turned out to be someone checking out an engine they were buying. Police looked into but could not find the source of gunshots reported late on August 14 in the Silver Beach area.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported six aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital last week; two on August 8 and one on August 9, 10, 12 and 13.