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Shelter Island Police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

George J. Hand, 25, of Shelter Island was arrested around 6:40 p.m. September 19 on three charges of criminal contempt in the 2nd degree and one charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Mr. Hand was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court before Judge Helen J. Rosenblum and was remanded to Suffolk County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Trevor C. Lavergne, 46, of Wallingford, Connecticut was arrested around 10 p.m. on September 24 following a boating accident off Reel Point. He was charged with operating a vessel while intoxicated and operating a vessel with a blood alcohol conent of 0.08 of 1 percent. He was arraigned in Justice Court before Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt who released him on his own recognizance with orders to appear in court at a later date.

While driving northbound on Route 114 near School Street on September 23, Andrew Pessalano of Montauk suffered a medical emergency that caused him to black out. He struck a split rail fence and tree and was transported by a Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services team to Eastern Long Island Hospital for treatment of injuries. Damage to the vehicle was estimated in excess of $1,000.

Andrzej Koczkodaj of Shelter Island reported to police that on September 25 while driving on Route 114 in the Heights, his vehicle was grazed by one driven by Jacob E. Bernard of Shelter Island who was exiting the post office lot. No reportable damage occurred.

Otto R. Friedman of New York City was ticketed September 22 on Manwaring Road for insufficient turn signal and unlicensed operation.

Ticketed on September 24 were: Franklin Cerasoli Jr. of Palm Beach was ticketed September 24 on New York Avenue for speeding 41 mph in a 25-mph zone; and Wolfgang Pflanzl of Brooklyn for having no floatation devices aboard his vessel.

John Paul F. Cyril of New Smyrna Beach, Florida was ticketed September 24 by a bay constable in West Neck Harbor for imprudent speed while operating his 42-foot cigarette boat in excess of 25 mph.

On September 19, a boat that washed up on the beach at a Silver Beach residence was returned to its mooring.

Officers on patrol notified the Highway Department of a hazardous condition caused by a branch overhanging at Center roadway and another blocking a Hay Beach roadway; and callers reported a possible ID theft and finding a purse.

On September 20, officers patrolling common high tide flood zones as Hurricane Jose passed by found no flooding, but removed several downed limbs.

The animal control officer carried an injured fawn found in a West Neck yard into a wooded area to recover. It had crashed into a fence, but did not seem badly hurt. Later, a person appeared at police headquarters seeking assistance in locating a document he was told by an unknown caller that he had to sign or face arrest. The responding officer could find no such information and advised the person to return if contacted again.

Two dogs reported at large were gone by the time an officer arrived; a caller reported harassment; and a false 911 call was traced to someone cleaning an elevator who accidentally hit the emergency button.

On September 21 a Menantic caller reported that a vehicle drove down her driveway and then took off when she approached it. An officer canvassed the area but could not find the vehicle.

On September 22, a Center caller reported that a drone was hovering outside his window. The responding officer did not find the drone or its operator.

A partner in an an Island business notified police of information received from another party; a Cartwright resident reported receiving a scam IRS call; and a Center caller reported dogs barking, but the responding officer found there was no enforceable violation.

On September 23, bay constables issued warnings to the operator of a small inflatable in the Tarkettle area for having no registration and to the operator of an inflatable vessel in Dering Harbor for not having a sufficient personal flotation devices aboard; and assisted the operator of a 42-foot sailboat that ran aground at Hay Beach Point.

In the Westmoreland area, an audible alarm reported by a passerby on September 24 turned out to be coming from inside a dumpster.

Also that day, a bay constable warned vessel for no registration sticker; a lost dog was retrieved by its owner; and a West Neck caller who reported possible on-going theft from a locked location was advised to change the lock.

Later, a bay constable stopped the operator of a small dinghy who was traveling as darkness was setting in and advised the operator to carry a light. A Center caller complained around 6 p.m. about loud music that it turned out was coming from a wedding scheduled to end by 8 p.m.

On September 25, a Westmoreland caller reported a mooring in front of her house but the responding officer found it was properly placed. A bay constable warned a boat operator of creating an excessive wake while exiting Coecles Harbor. An officer responded to a caller who wanted another person to leave a location; the caller left instead to avoid a dispute.

SIEMS teams assisted an aided case on September 19; transported aided cases to ELIH on September 19 and 23; and transported an aided case for medevac by Suffolk County Police helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital on September 22.