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Down to business in the Village of Dering Harbor 

RICHARD LOMUSCIO PHOTO The Village of Dering Harbor Board of Trustees at the November 4 meeting in Village Hall.

The Village of Dering Harbor Board of Trustees at the November 4 meeting in Village Hall.

The trustees of Dering Harbor Village voted unanimously at their November 4 meeting to hold a public hearing on a resolution to amend the zoning law to establish standards for structural fences and repeal the need for review by the Architecture Review Board. The public hearing is set for Saturday, December 2.

There were about 10 village residents present.

The board tabled two other resolutions concerning a moratorium on fences and guidelines for vegetative fences. Additionally, trustees approved a motion to pay all bills.

Mayor John T. Colby Jr. noted that he’s responsible for preparing the 2019 budget. It was also noted that the board should prepare job descriptions for all village employees. An insurance report urged the board to survey all assets and see that they are adequately covered taking into account depreciation. It was also explained that about $2,000 in insurance could be saved by getting rid of a truck that’s not being used.

In other matters, the board looked at the current water works report and reported that 200,000 gallons more were used than last year at this time. The report said chlorides were up, but going down. It was suggested that residents not irrigate with village water.

Resident Bridgford Hunt said that “perhaps it’s time for meters.” It was explained that a new water tank is necessary and choices are being investigated. A new well is planned for a cost of about $22,000. The fire code demands that a well be capable of pumping 1,250 gallons per minute for 60 minutes.

In other matters, Mayor Colby said that the Yoco Road dry well installation will start on November 10, according to town Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. He added that an application for a curb cut, parking, trailhead and hunting signage on the east side of Manhanset Road to access the Mildred Flower Hird Preserve has gone to the Village Planning Board.

It was reported that the Shore Road naming committee, which is chaired by Jim Goldman, will conduct a survey for road names.

An investigation revealed that the village should enroll in the Suffolk Share Program. Greenport Mayor George Hubbard and Mr. Card reported that it’s “very helpful.”

In new business, resident Mary Walker said she was concerned about a boat that stayed at a village dock for the past two summers and appeared to have someone living on it. “I am concerned about where the waste is going,” she said.

A discussion followed and it was suggested that the village’s attorney examine the situation.

The next meeting is set for Saturday, December 2 at 10 a.m.