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Official election results: Gerth and Dickson Town Hall bound



Final results were released today on November 7’s close election for a Town Board seat and for supervisor.

Democrat Albert Dickson kept his lead over Republican Marcus Kaasik and will be sworn into office in January as a town councilman.

Mr. Kaasik led the race when the polls closed on election night, but when the absentee ballots were counted, the spread was 10 votes and it had turned in Mr. Dickson’s favor.

The final tally released by the Suffolk County Board of Elections today had Mr. Dickson picking up 15 votes for a final result of 711  for the Democrat and 686 votes for Mr. Kaasik.

In the race for supervisor, Republican Gary Gerth defeated incumbent Supervisor Jim Dougherty by 33 votes, for a final of Mr. Gerth garnering 648 votes to Mr. Dougherty’s 615.

The Reporter will have an in-depth story in next week’s print edition.