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02/24/17 10:00am
‘Tortoise’ by Janet Culbertson, 60" x 40”, ink and charcoal, c. 1975

‘Tortoise’ by Janet Culbertson, 60″ x 40”, ink and charcoal, c. 1975

Shelter Island artist Janet Culbertson has been raising awareness about endangered animals and their shrinking habitat for more than 40 years.  Ms. Culbertson creates drawings and paintings that revolve around the devastating effects of widespread pollution and human encroachment on the environment.  (more…)

02/23/17 2:00pm
COURTESY PHOTO | Hikers like these will have to wait a week to set out for Mashomack Point.

COURTESY PHOTO | Hikers like these will have a chance to take the annual guided walk to Mashomack Point on February 25.



Dedicated to a farsighted and generous nature lover, Mashomack Point is open for a guided walk just once a year. On Saturday, February 25, Mashomack Preserve will lead a tour of the Katherine Ordway Wildlife Refuge from 1 to 4 p.m. This hike will allow participants to explore woodlands, kettles and fields, culminating with a breathtaking view of Northwest Harbor. Dress warmly.

Raindate is Sunday, February 26 from 9 a.m. to noon. Call (631) 749-4219 to register. (more…)