11/23/18 11:00am

Courtesy art

Codger loves Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday, a festival of food, fun, family and friends.

Two years ago at this time, in this very place, he went on record about how the restorative powers of this jolly time would go far to counteract the “dread and despair” that a recent election had left in its results. He even quoted the Original Codger, his dad, who frequently said, as good times rolled or crisis loomed through his 100 years on Earth, that “nothing is ever as good or bad as your imagination can make it.” (more…)

10/27/18 8:00am


Codger was in a room of the Shelter Island school stuffing gauze into a gaping wound, hoping to staunch the gush of blood before the victim’s life ran out. Was this after another mass shooting? (more…)

07/27/18 2:00pm
 COURTESY PHOTO Congressman Lee Zeldin.

COURTESY PHOTO Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Codger is not fond of summer road trips, especially if they entail Forking around, North or South, but an invitation to a Lee Zeldin “blitz rally” was just too enticing. It would be a chance to meet the shiny-faced young Republicans pictured on his campaign literature, debate prickly issues, maybe break bagels. (more…)