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Richard Lomuscio

12/13/18 8:00am


I found some interesting nuggets in the most recent AARP webletter that I figured were worthwhile to pass along.

After all, we’re always interested in ways we can ensure good health and increase that longevity factor. Tips are also offered on how to avoid holiday scams and the importance of good dental health in our later years. (more…)

12/06/18 8:00am

JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO  An Island sunset.

You may remember that I devoted this space a few weeks ago to caregiving and the help it provides to those who need it. I also spoke about the toll it can take on the one giving the care.


11/28/18 4:30pm

Looking to relive those old TV shows? Richard has found the source.

Do you remember the days before television? Those dark days of listening to the radio and reading the newspapers and books. Well, I barely do.


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11/28/18 10:00am

The Community Housing Board held a “Builders Roundtable” at Town Hall Monday evening, with Chairwoman Mary-Faith Westervelt, center. At left, builders Jim Olinkiewicz and Chris Fokine.

Town Hall was packed on Tuesday evening with Islanders from all walks of life assembled to listen to what was billed as the Community Housing Board’s “Builders Roundtable.” (more…)

11/24/18 3:00pm

November is designated as National Family Caregivers Month.

“Who’s taking care of the caregiver while the caregiver’s busy giving care?”

November is designated as National Family Caregivers Month. I learned this from Senior Center Director Laurie Fanelli who told me that it’s a time to recognize all who sacrifice every day to help those in need.