10/29/17 3:00pm
COURTESY PHOTO | Helene Stapinski

COURTESY PHOTO | Author Helene Stapinski

Is there a murderer in your past?  Have you ever wondered what you would find if you dug deep enough into your family history?  We’re not talking an internet genealogy search here, but more like a detective’s investigation, with travels to the alleged scene of the crime, archive searches and interviews. (more…)

08/31/17 4:30pm


When the iconic Sag Harbor Cinema burned down on December 16, 2016, the gaping hole left on Main Street epitomized the collective wound felt by the village, as they mourned the loss of a significant piece of local history.

Shelter Island Public Library is pleased to welcome award-winning local author Annette Hinkle to the September 1 Friday Night Dialogues at 7 p.m. She will talk about the fire and the chain of events that would lead to her writing “Sag Harbor: 100 Years of Film in the Village” barely four months after the fire. (more…)

06/09/17 12:00pm
COURTESY PHOTO | Twin healers Gail Staal and Tal Schwartz.

COURTESY PHOTO | Twin healers Gail Staal and Tal Schwartz.

“I walked into a bar, sat down and asked the bartender for a double. He brought out someone who looked like me!” — Rodney Dangerfield

It is said that somewhere in the world everyone has a double, sometimes called a doppelgänger. Maybe you have wondered what it would be like to meet your double, or thought about being an identical twin. It’s a curiosity that many people share.  (more…)

02/08/17 4:30pm
COURTESY PHOTO | The cover of Joe' Lauro's film about Fats Domino.

COURTESY PHOTO | The cover of Joe Lauro’s film about Fats Domino.

He wasn’t as flashy as Little Richard, Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly, but he had more charted hits than the three of them combined. He sold over 60 million records, including five that went “gold” before 1955, influencing Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Elton John and scores of other musicians in the process.

In a fitting event for Black History Month, the Shelter Island Library’s “Friday Night Dialogues” will present “The Big Beat: Fats Domino and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll” on February 17 at 7 p.m. (more…)