10/01/15 8:00am
ILLUSTRATION: GETTY IMAGES/iSTOCK Island’s bounce-back following national trends

ILLUSTRATION: GETTY IMAGES/iSTOCK The local bounce-back is  following national trends

If anyone doubts that the economy has improved considerably, just speak with Shelter Island business owners.

With almost no exceptions, Island businesses followed national trends in recovering handsomely from a brutal winter. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 192,000 new jobs were created nationally in March, a sign of optimism kicking off a solid spring and summer.

In an informal survey, the Reporter found that Island business owners had their own way of measuring summer success: Many were so busy they’re relieved to be able to take a breather this fall. (more…)

08/05/15 1:43pm
Snug Booths line an entire wall of the restaurant (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Snug Booths line an entire wall of the restaurant.
(Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

A roaring fireplace on a cold night might be the furthest thing from your mind while enjoying a fruity cocktail in August, but a new Shelter Island restaurant is aiming to be a go-to spot for both the flip-flop and wool sock seasons.

“The design was to create a space that was light and airy through summer, then had a warm and cozy feel for winter as Red Maple will be open year round,” said David Bowd, who co-owns the Chequit Inn, which recently unveiled its new restaurant, Red Maple. (more…)

07/29/15 8:09am
VSC Food Truck & Vine Street Cafe owner Terry Harwood  (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

VSC Food Truck & Vine Street Café owner Terry Harwood
(Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Motorists streaming off the South Ferry onto Route 114 may not yet have noticed that orange truck sitting in the parking lot of the Vine Street Cafe. But there they will find a full service lunch spot featuring gourmet hot dogs and more.

“We only started about three weeks ago,” explained Vine Street Cafe chef and owner Terry Harwood. (more…)

07/28/15 12:57pm

Whitehill3_MSThe coffee wars are heating up on Shelter Island as the Chequit’s White Hill Café enters the fray.

“White Hill Café is meant to be a ‘grab-and-go’ coffee house,” explained Chequit General Manager Karl Lopez. Not just a fancy hotel coffee shop, Lopez said the Chequit wants White Hill Cafe to be a coffee destination for local residents as well. (more…)