07/23/17 11:00am
MARTIN BURKE PHOTO First light over Peconic Bay from Silver Beach.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO First light over Peconic Bay from Silver Beach.

What makes the East End of Long  unique is its farmland, salt creeks and Peconic Bay. They draw people here and keep them here.

From the point where the Peconic River enters the bay in Riverhead all the way past Shelter Island to Gardiners Bay, this stunning body of saltwater is a great resource on many levels. (more…)

07/13/17 8:00am
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO The public meeting room of Town Hall.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO The public meeting room of Town Hall.

Have you ever had the experience of attending a public meeting only to be baffled because officials are referring to documents only they have access to?

So have we, and it’s high time boards and committees on Shelter Island recognized their responsibility to adhere to the state law on disclosure of public records. (more…)

07/11/17 2:00pm


It’s here in all its glory — summer 2017. With the season comes all the things that make this time of year on the Island so terrific — along with the associated dangers, on land and on water.

Perhaps boating is at the top of the list of joys that can turn horribly bad. (more…)

07/04/17 11:00am


As the country celebrates the Fourth of July today, we should recall those important phrases near the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men” — and that should read “people” — “are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We try to, and often do, live up to those lofty sentiments. But not always. The belief in those self-evident truths makes America great, but we’re not perfect and neither is our nation. (more…)

06/22/17 4:30pm


BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO The start of the 38th annual Shelter Island 10K.

Shelter Island witnessed a heroic community effort on Saturday, June 17, when individuals, groups, the Police Department and town government worked seamlessly for the common good.

They, along with the crowds of Islanders who showed up on a less-than-perfect summer day to take part in the 10K, and the inspiring athletes of all ages levels and conditions, made it a day to remember. (more…)