04/23/17 11:00am


When I started dating my wife in July 2010, my timing couldn’t have been better.

The Mets were 47-39. While not a bad record, it was the point in the season when my favorite baseball team’s annual slide was set to begin.

You see, the Mets were not contenders that year, and I knew that at eight games above .500 things could only go downhill from there, allowing me maximum time to focus on this new relationship. (more…)

04/23/17 8:00am
COURTESY PHOTO | Cellist Merry Peckham

COURTESY PHOTO  Cellist Merry Peckham

The Perlman Music Program announced that renowned cellist and teacher Merry Peckham has been appointment to the prestigious Chair of Chamber Music at New England Conservatory in Boston.

Ms. Peckham has been on the faculty of The Perlman Music Program for 17 years and serves as the program’s associate director, director of the chamber music workshop, and chamber music director and coach for the Summer Music School and all of the program’s residencies.  (more…)

04/22/17 3:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island School

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island School

It’s Family Fun Day Wednesday, April 26, for students and parents interested in exploring activities that would be part of a YMCA program in East Hampton that would be tacked on to Shelter Island School’s half-day summer educational program. (more…)

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