10/15/18 8:00am

A bag of bounty

As a young person, growing up on Shelter Island, or “The Rock” as it’s locally called, had its social challenges, yet as an adult I realize how truly unique and special the experience was. We weren’t SOFO or NOFO with cute little stickers for the car but rather we were IBFO (In Between Forks), a stepping stone via either one of the two ferry systems to either the North Fork or South Fork. (more…)

Featured Story
10/14/18 7:00am

PETER WALDNER ILLUSTRATION of the 2018 Person of the Year, former councilwoman Chris Lewis

Every year at this time we use this space to ask Reporter readers to nominate candidates for our Person of the Year issue coming in January.

With their heartfelt nominations, our readers have always played perhaps the most important role in the selection process. Last year they helped us choose from a wide array of worthy recipients, including public officials, educators and volunteers who ensure the Island community remains a caring place. (more…)