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05/08/14 5:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island High School cheerleaders with the varsity boys basketball team during this year's historic season season.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island High School cheerleaders with the varsity boys basketball team during this year’s historic season.

It started five years ago.

The New York State Board of Regents had reached a milestone: there was a proposal before them on declaring cheerleading an interscholastic sport. Although it gained the support of many organizations right off the bat, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, it took years to get a final unanimous vote — 17-0 — from the Regents last month. (more…)

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05/08/14 2:00pm
MATT ROHDE PHOTO | An osprey-like view from Matt Rhode's second installment of a video project.

MATT ROHDE PHOTO | An osprey-like view from Matt Rhode’s second installment of a video project.

South Ferry Captain Matt Rohde has completed another of his beautiful videos of Shelter Island as part of his “Osprey Project.”

Captain Rohde uses a “quad copter” with a GoPro Hero 3 camera attached. He remotely guides the copter as it records video and he does all editing himself plus synchs music to make the incredible art works celebrating the beauty and mystery of Shelter Island. (more…)

05/04/13 1:52pm

CARRIE MILLER PHOTO | The male bumblebee (center) just watch as the workers buzz about.

Master beekeeper Chris Kelly of The Plantage in Mattituck has been teaching aspiring beekeepers the dos and don’ts of caring for bees for the past ten years. With over 40 years of experience, he has a lot of guidance to offer.

The past several years have been tough on the bees, and their keepers. Colony collapse, parasites and even pesticides are causing harmful effects, culminating into what some North Fork beekeepers said was the toughest season to date.

Luckily raised awareness of the difficulties bees have been facing has resulted in more people interested in becoming beekeepers.

But you do not necessarily have to become a beekeeper to help these little pollinators.

Mr. Kelly explains how to help feed the bees.

11/01/12 12:59pm

JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO | East Brander Pond and West Neck Harbor intermingle during Hurricane Sandy.

The full extent of Hurricane Sandy’s impact on Shelter Island is becoming clearer as highway crews, homeowners and businesspeople continue to pick up the pieces. As reported in this week’s Shelter Island Reporter, no one was badly injuried and no homes were seriously damaged. But many sections of the town’s white fencing along Crescent Beach was carried away in the wind and tide, some docks were torn apart and no doubt reports of more damage will surface in time.

Here’s a slideshow of many of the pictures that we collected during and just after the storm. Special thanks to Sherri Surozenski for her dramatic photos of David Lingwood’s truck boarding South Ferry at the height of the storm. Thanks also to our photographer Beverlea Walz, reporter Julie Lane, co-editor Peter Boody and our terrific contributors Meaghan Derby, Jim Colligan, Cara Loriz, Bill Smith, Cathy Driscoll and others.

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