07/02/12 12:08pm

A video interview with Amanda Clark and her crew Sarah Lihan has been featured by US Sail on its website in order to introduce the Olympic sailors to the media ahead of the 2012 Summer Games in England later this month.

To see the video, click here.

See the July 5 Reporter for the question-and-answer interview with the two sailors that was distributed to the media by US Sail, which sponsors their Team Go Sail.

06/24/12 10:46am

PETER BOODY PHOTO | The 2012 grads after Saturday's commencement ceremonies.

Under brilliantly sunny skies in the tent behind the school, the 16 members of Shelter Island’s Class of 2012 put their high school days behind them on Saturday as they received their diplomas and in many cases awards before friends, family and faculty.

For a full listing of all awards and honors, and full coverage of the ceremony, see this week’s edition of the Reporter.

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05/28/12 11:25am

PETER Boody | Dog's eye view of the Shelter Island Memorial Day Parade.

Shelter Islanders and visitors, young and old, two-legged and four-legged, lined Route 114 in the Center for the annual Memorial Day Parade and ceremony at the Wilson Circle beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday. It ended with the American Legion gun salute and the usual swarm of kids rushing in to pick up shell casings. Everyone was invited to the Legion Hall and its grounds for hot dogs provided by the Legion and hamburgers served by the Lions Club.

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04/08/12 7:17am

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Cathy Raymond as the Easter Bunny with, from left, George, Oliver, Samantha and Hillary McDonald at Saturday's Fire Department egg hunt at St. Gabe's Field.

It was a beautiful day for the Shelter Island Fire Department’s annual Easter Egg Hunt at St. Gabriel’s Field. The event went off at 1 p.m. right on schedule.

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03/05/12 12:52pm

DON BINDLER PHOTO | Dolphin close to shoreline in the shallows of West Neck Bay Sunday afternoon.

A common dolphin that had been spotted swimming in West Neck Bay on Shelter Island was found dead on Cedar Point in East Hampton, according to Julika Wocial, Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation supervisor.

Further details will be reported as they become available.

The dolphin had been spotted on Shelter Island two days ago swimming in a tiny cove area in the northwest corner of the waterway.

The foundation’s rescue unit arrived on the scene about 11 a.m., initially determining that the animal didn’t appear to be in distress. But there were concerns about it beaching itself in the shallows, especially during low tide, Ms. Wocial said. The team remained on the scene for more than 6 1/2 hours.

About 3:15 p.m., after the tide rose, the dolphin approached the deepest part of the cove and “that was good,” Ms. Wocial said. But she still had concerns that it was staying close to the shore and “I started to get a little nervous.”

She and team members donned dry suits and prepared to enter the water when the dolphin swam out and headed for deeper water in West Neck Bay.

Police and Shelter Island residents helped the team to ride around to various areas around the bay so the team could monitor the animal’s progress, Ms. Wocial said. Islanders not only provided rides around the bay but also gave the rescue team food and drinks, she said.

“I could wish all my dolphin rescues were around Shelter Island,” she said, crediting the cooperation of police and residents with making the job easier.

When last sighted before darkness Sunday night, the animal was in deeper water and appeared to be jumping and diving and making sharp turns consistent with feeding behavior, Ms. Wocial said.

State forest ranger Brian McAllister and Shelter Island Police continued to monitor West Neck Bay Monday morning and by midday had made no new sightings of the dolphin, leading Ms. Wocial to speculate that the animal had moved out to sea.