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12/05/18 10:00am


When is a swimming pool and a house next to it too big?

That question dominated a discussion at Tuesday’s Town Board work session when members debated whether size matters when it comes to development on large lots.

The direct issue involves a proposal to place a 75- by 22-foot swimming pool on a 3 acre site with a nine-bedroom house and multiple bathrooms. (more…)

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11/28/18 10:00am

The Community Housing Board held a “Builders Roundtable” at Town Hall Monday evening, with Chairwoman Mary-Faith Westervelt, center. At left, builders Jim Olinkiewicz and Chris Fokine.

Town Hall was packed on Tuesday evening with Islanders from all walks of life assembled to listen to what was billed as the Community Housing Board’s “Builders Roundtable.” (more…)

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11/14/18 12:00pm

The Congdons Creek bulkhead  must be repaired before it disappears altogether, according to Public Works Commissioner Jay Card Jr.

Police Chief Jim Read echoed an old saying at last week’s Capital Planning/Grants Committee meeting: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”