09/04/17 10:00am


One of the things the British get right is leaving the long weekends that begin and end summer without names weighed down with significance.

Over there they’re called “bank holidays,” a generic term simply meaning a long weekend with Monday off.

We insist on calling the summer kickoff Memorial Day, which has recovered some of its original meaning because of mounting numbers of dead Americans some of us remember for their service in the misguided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Labor Day lost its original meaning long ago. (more…)

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02/13/15 12:03pm
New York Times columnist David Carr at last year's WebSummit in Dublin. (Credit: Flickr/WebSummit. http://ow.ly/J17Xg)

New York Times columnist David Carr at last year’s WebSummit in Dublin. (Credit: Flickr/WebSummit. http://ow.ly/J17Xg)

The impact a person can have on someone, even someone that person never met, is extraordinary. That was brought home to me late Thursday night as I considered how someone I had never met gave me a greater appreciation and enthusiasm for what I do for a living.

I was in the process of preparing to post a basketball story to The Suffolk Times’ website when I noticed a picture of The New York Times’ media columnist, David Carr, on his newspaper’s website. Being in a hurry to do what I needed to do, I made a mental note to go back later and check out why Mr. Carr’s photo was up there. I assumed it was a video of a panel discussion he had moderated earlier that evening.

I was wrong. (more…)

01/08/15 4:08pm
 COURTESY PHOTO |Newly elected US Congressman Lee Zeldin.

COURTESY PHOTO | Newly elected US Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Lee Zeldin was given a golden opportunity Sunday.

Appearing on Fox News two days before being sworn in, the freshman Congressman from Shirley was asked about a speech that current House majority whip Steve Scalise had given years earlier to a group of white supremacists in Louisiana, while he was serving in that state’s House of Representatives. (more…)