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 COURTESY PHOTO |Newly elected US Congressman Lee Zeldin.

COURTESY PHOTO | Newly elected US Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Lee Zeldin was given a golden opportunity Sunday.

Appearing on Fox News two days before being sworn in, the freshman Congressman from Shirley was asked about a speech that current House majority whip Steve Scalise had given years earlier to a group of white supremacists in Louisiana, while he was serving in that state’s House of Representatives. (more…)

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REPORTER FILE PHOTO | An aerial view of Plum Island.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | An aerial view of Plum Island.

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By Bill Smith

The recent articles in the press about the future of Plum Island and the predictable posturing going on by our politicians who clearly know nothing about the island or the extent of the contamination is very disturbing.  Equally disturbing are the environmental groups who again know nothing about the contamination there, or worse that don’t really care and only see the island and grabbing the management of it as a money generating golden nugget for what in most cases are self-perpetuating organizations. (more…)

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Deer and ticks.

These two — separate and aligned — have dominated the public discussion on the Island for years, at Town Hall, at civic association meetings, on the Reporter’s news, OpEd and letters’ pages.

Recently the idea of a public referendum was floated by Councilman Ed Brown at a Town Board meeting to ask voters how they would fund deer management and the 4-poster program, which is a series of feeding stands that brush deer with a chemical, permetherin, that kills ticks. That idea seems to have been tabled for the moment.

The board also, at the suggestion of Councilman Peter Reich, discussed sending out a questionnaire to residents to get a sense of where the community is on the all-important issue. The board is currently considering the idea.

The Reporter has put together a poll and asks you to weigh in on some of the critical questions facing the Island. (more…)

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Volunteers needed
To the Editor:
The Dering family owned Sylvester Manor for over 60 years  through economically trying times, two wars and the birth of a nation. Letters from those decades have been  mostly untouched, waiting for transcription for nearly 100 years. Using a computer program, Dragon Dictate by Nuance, I spent this past winter transcribing all 762 of the letters. It has been a thrilling and challenging experience. (more…)