09/19/14 12:00pm
JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Shelter Island School

Shelter Island School

It has been almost a year since Shelter Island School’s antiquated heating and air conditioning system broke down, forcing emergency measures by maintenance workers to keep the building functioning.

New controls have been added to the system, enabling employees to make adjustments via computer instead of having to spell one another around the clock.

But that is merely a finger-in-the-dike measure for now. (more…)

09/12/14 2:00pm


We live in a time when words such as “crisis” or “disaster” are common currency spent by the media and elected officials every day. It was ever thus.

But now the nine-alarm sirens sounded on every issue is more deafening because of instantaneous news coverage. It also seems there are more excitable people around, many with political agendas bellowing that their opponents’ policies are leading to cataclysms just around the corner. (more…)

09/05/14 8:00am
KYRIL BROMLEY, THE EAST HAMPTON PRESS  PHOTO | Aircraft at the East Hampton Airport

KYRIL BROMLEY, THE EAST HAMPTON PRESS PHOTO | Aircraft at the East Hampton Airport

One of the more interesting aspects of the helicopter noise issue this summer is that there are no villains in the drama.

What’s happening is a struggle where good and evil have little to do with the fight, even though all sides will enlist morality as one of their weapons. (more…)

07/04/14 5:00pm


It is nearly a year since the Town Board delayed a decision on whether or not to implement a ban on automatic irrigation — sprinkler — systems.

The ban was approved in 2003, but its implementation was delayed 10 years and not even discussed until a month before it was to take effect in September 2013.

Having ignored the issue until then, there seemed to be little choice but to give in to demands to determine if there had been scientific or technological changes worth investigating before denying people the right to continue to use their irrigation systems. (more…)