05/10/17 2:00pm
LINDA PULS PHOTO A view of Taylor’s Island.

LINDA PULS PHOTO  | A view of Taylor’s Island.

How many Shelter Islanders know they have a vested interest in a little island within Shelter Island?

For those of us who didn’t, P.A.T. Hunt, President of the Taylor’s Island Foundation and Co-Chair of the Taylor’s Island Preservation and Management Committee took the ladies and guests of the Shelter Island Women’s Club on an historical journey to this special place called Taylor’s Island.

It sits within Coecles Harbor and is really a tombolo, an island only at high tide. (more…)

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05/13/16 8:00am
PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/STOCK A deer and her fawns.

PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/STOCK A deer and her fawns.

“High-powered rifles will begin to bang on Shelter Island, New York, with the coming of the first light Monday, and the slim red deer, charming to city dwellers, detested by farmers and gardeners, will begin to fall.”

That was the lead sentence in a wire story carried around the country 100 years ago this week. The article went on to describe New York State’s response to complaints from farmers about crop damage caused by the Island’s 200 or so free-roaming deer, descendants of animals imported in the 1890s for private game hunting. (more…)