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ELEANOR P. LaBROZZI PHOTO Women secret agents of WWII will be the topic at Havens Barn on Saturday, September 15

Women secret agents of WWII will be the topic at Havens Barn on Saturday, September 15

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10/14/12 12:30pm

BOB DESTEFANO PHOTO | Betty Kontje and Lou Cicero at the Legion lanes.

Louie Cicero thinks he and Betty Kontje may be the only originals still bowling

I don’t know how many times in my life I had to answer the question, “What do you do on that Island in the winter?”

Since these people don’t always understand things like tranquility and friendship, I always mention that, among other things, we have a bowling alley. They are always surprised that this small Island would have a place to bowl. I fail to mention that it has only two lanes.

Thanks to some excellent scheduling through the years, those two lanes at the American Legion Hall have been all we’ve really needed.

This year, the Legion is celebrating 50 years operating those two lanes, which have brought so much joy and friendship to so many. Fortunately, a few of the early pioneers are still around.

Maurice Tuttle remembered 50 years ago not only rolling the first ball on the new lanes but also holding the record for the highest game with a 267 for quite a while. A perfect 300 has never been rolled on these lanes but Louie (The Clip) Cicero noted that Ben Wojenski (25-year superintendent at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club) still holds the record with his almost perfect game of 290. George Blados was always one of the best bowlers at the Legion and his 190 average still holds the record for highest ever yearly average.

Betty Kontje said that, in the beginning of the league, Williette Piccozzi was known as the best female bowler, much as Jackie Brewer is today. I was around in those years so my winters were enhanced by bowling on a team called the Misfits for quite a few years. I think I was the only Legion bowler who was ever given a zero for a frame because I was in the bar getting drinks when it was my turn.

These lanes have never had pin boys and Jim Gibbs remembers installing the pin set-up machines along with Bobby Clark, Bob Tybaert and Toots Clark in the very beginning. Among the many people who volunteered their time in these early years to make things work were Barice and Betty (Kontje) Nevel, Jim Kelly, Maurice and Jackie Tuttle, Jimmy Wilson, Dot and Tink Clark, Ginny and Emil Johnson and, of course, Louie Cicero.

One of my Misfit teammates was Toots Clark, who did more than his share when he took the Legion’s old bar and completely refurbished it. Betty Kontje said that is the bar that is still in use today. Louie said he could be wrong but he thinks he and Betty Kontje are the only two originals still bowling.

Mentioning those names brings back a lot of good memories. Jackie Tuttle remembers that she, Jean Bourne, Ginny Johnson and Yvonne Clark called themselves Getty’s Gorgeous Gals, named after the popular local store at that time. She also revealed that, for the first few years, they were always the worst team. When the Getty store was sold, the team became Pell’s Precious Pearls, named for Pell’s Fish Market, and they went on for 20 years. Of course, Getty’s store was sold to Betty Kontje Nevel and Betty formed a team called Nevel’s Luncheonette. Today the team is called the Fabulous Five.

Well, here they are celebrating 50 years. The Legion’s two lanes are still providing enjoyment for everyone including special times for the youth and seniors. Even Special Olympics gold medalist Haley Sulahian practices her skills on those two alleys. Today, working out of the newly renovated kitchen are Gunnar Wisseman, Dave Clark and Stephanie Tybaert, who continue to serve Friday night dinners while Fred Ogar does the monthly Legion dinner.

Just about everything through these many years was done by volunteers and the glue that holds it all together is a sport, bowling. And now folks, your new season has started again. Enjoy it!

05/26/11 7:21pm

Beverlea Walz photo

The Black and White Bowling Dinner at the Pridwin Hotel on May 13 celebrated the end of the season for the Men’s and Ladies’ leagues. Ginny Gibbs and Hans Schmid handed out individual and team awards and recognized the champions in each league.

The Fabulous Five took top honors in the Ladies League. From the left: Captain Betty Kontje, Essie Simovich, Donna Clark, Jackie Brewer and Audrey Marshall.

The Holy Rollers won the men’s playoffs. From the left, Adam Hashagen, John Wilutis, Mike Mitchell, Ian Weslek and Harry Brigham. (Captain Chris Parsons missed the photo op.)

Cara Loriz, former Reporter editor, recognized Hans Schmid and Fay (the Phantom) Walker for their weekly bowling columns and updates during the long bowling season.

02/17/11 11:44am

In Week 17, the Brick Laying Babes managed to steal 3 points from the Fabulous Five. The Fab decided to use their first game as warm up, so Captain Laura Marcello tossed in a 121 score to take the first Babe win. Tracy Gibbs joined her captain’s 131 in the second game with a 178. Captain Betty Kontje snagged herself a 139, while Audrey Marshall rolled out 158 for a Fab win. Laura laid down a 168 in the third game, with Tracy right behind her with a 167, but it wasn’t enough. Four out of Five Fabs bowled over average for a final victory.

Spare Us took all 11 from the Odd Balls. OB Kelly Michalak hit her high of the week with a 169 to start off the night. Spare Ellie Labrozzi blew past with a 182 followed by Liz Lechmanski’s 157. Meddi Shaw hit her high in the first game as well with a 120. Kelly went over average again in the second game with a 133. Liz hit her high with a 167; Sue Klenawicus was not far behind with a 156. In the third game, Captain Stephanie Tybaert led her team with a 138. Ellie hit a 162, with Liz following with a 151.

The Lucky Strikes took all 11 from the Rockettes. Sherri Surozenski hit her high of the night with a 156 in the first game. Corrine Mitchell went double or nothing for a 135 in the first game with Captain Julie Fanelli making her high of 150. Ashley Knight made her average with a 95 in the second game.

The Strikes were Lucky with Farragh Callahan adding an over-average game with a 100. LynnKay Winters and Ashley hit their highs in the third game with a 109 and a 120 respectively. Farragh went high with a 106 in the last game, but Corrine went above and beyond with a 155. She had the weekly honors for most over-average game and most over-average series. Her handicap added to her last game gave her a score of 233 for a high series of 626, making her our 17th Bowler of the Week.

Linda Springer started her night with a high 145 for Paint by Numbers. Mary Kanarvogel chipped in an easy 123. Cathy Driscoll was hot to start with a 137 with Mary Ellen Gran not far behind with a 124 for a Guttersnipe win. Ginny Gibbs picked up some marks in the second game with a 142 for the Paints. Sue Warner shot a 185 for a second Snipe win. Sue aimed high for a 217, the highest score of the week. Unfortunately, with some team effort, Paint by Numbers took the last game with a high from Ginny.

The Odd Balls rocked the Rockettes in Week 18. Sherri had a solo in the first game with a 167. Lee Oliver went over average with a 119 for an OB win. Sherri hit an easy 123 in the second game while LynnKay broke 100. Bev Pelletier hit a high with a 129 and Lee was right behind her with a 127 for another win for the Odd Balls. Linda McCarthy had her high with a 125 in the last game.  LynnKay stepped it up with a 102 to help Sherri dance away with the final game.

Paint by Numbers took all 11 from the Lucky Strikes.  Alison Bevilacqua went over average with a 113, while Captain Julie had a high 126. Donna Clark hit her high for the week with a 168 for the high handicap game of the week and the first PbN win. Corrine was lucky with a high 139, but Paint Linda hit a 174 for the second PbN win. Ginny and Linda hit into the 140s to squash Corrine’s easy 123 in the last game for the final Paint win.

The Brick Laying Babes took all 11 from Spare Us. Liz and Sue Klen had their highs in the first game with 134 and 147 respectively. Mary and Laura did as well with 138 and 159. Traci K. knocked our socks off with a 151 in her first of three over-average games. Ellie picked up some spares for a 178. Tracy G. had a high 184, while Traci had a 138. Liz carried her team in the third with a 132. Traci and Tracy shot high with 120 and 165. Traci had the high handicap series making her our 18th Bowler of the Week.

The Fab Five ended the week for us with the Guttersnipes. Betty had a Fabulous 121 in the first game. Jan Warner bested her with an easy 123 for a Snipe win. Audrey Marshall hit a high 124 in the second, but Sue Warner shot a 181 for another Snipe win. Cathy and Mary Ellen refused to miss out on all the action so they rolled 140 and 139 respectively. Essie Simovich hit a 171 for a Fabulous victory.

Week 18 Team Standings

Team Won Lost

Fabulous Five 119.0 79.0

Odd Balls 110.5 87.5

Brick Laying Babes 104.0 94.0

Paint by Numbers 104.0 94.0

Spare Us 103.0 95.0

Guttersnipes 94.0 104.0

Lucky Strikes 90.0 108.0

Rockettes 67.5 130.5

01/19/11 10:34pm

Last week I missed a note left in the Legionnaires envelope. This may not mean much to many of us, but Stanley Blados had a turkey in the first game. Bruce Taplin, pretending to be on a slip-and-slide down one of the lanes, rolled a strike. He was heard saying, “Come on man, that’s not a foul.” The rule book may not agree with him on that one. Perhaps he thought it might be a mulligan. Jim Oliver picked up the 5-7 split. It looks like Helsinki may be freezing over as the Legionnaires got their first beer frame ever on none other than Father Peter. Man of the cloth or not, don’t hose your team with the beer frame. We don’t want to call your mom and have her pay off your debt.

The Thunderballs split their match with the Misfits, taking a 6-point win. They had the second-high game of 1021 along with the second-high series of 2961. Denny Clark rolled the high series of the week of 535. He also had the second-high game of 189. Rolling 85 pins over his average, Denny earned Bowler of the Week honors. Stanley must have been all turkey-ed out since he didn’t make it this week.

The Dory Terminators were 7-point winners over the Legionnaires. It appears to have been a somewhat quiet night. It was good to see that INS has reinstated BJ Volenski’s green card allowing him back on the Island to bowl once again. The Legionnaires did roll a third-high team game of 1016.

The Holy Rollers continue to roll — this week taking 11 points from the Under Achievers. Even Snips can’t hold his team back. The Rollers had the third-high team series of 2936. For the Unders, Peter Carman rolled 84 pins over his series average.

Louie’s Clippers were 8-point winners over the Pharmaceuticals. The Clips rolled the high team game of 1046 along with the high team series of 3002. Kevin Lechmanski rolled the high game of 191. Jim Gibbs Jr. rolled the second-high series of 509. And then there was Arthur “The Silver Fox” Springer, still awake at this hour, rolling the third-high series of 504. The Fox rolled 72 pins over his series average. What happened to Scott this week? I guess that might be why they call him “one-shot.”

Men’s Bowling Week 13

Team Won Lost Pct.

Holy Rollers 99.0 44.0 .692

Louie’s Clippers 84.0 59.0 .587

Dory Terminators 77.5 65.5 .542

Thunderballs 72.0 71.0 .504

Pharmaceuticals 72.0 71.0 .504

Under Achievers 64.5 75.5 .461

Misfits 57.0 83.0 .407

Legionnaires 43.0 100.0 .301