09/24/15 2:00pm
The library’s annual day planner is on its way with stunning images from three of the Island’s most talented shutter bugs.

The library’s annual day planner is on its way with stunning images from three of the Island’s most talented shutter bugs.

The Friends of the Shelter Island Library are fortunate to have three talented photographers who have donated their time and expertise to the Day Planners over the past three years.

Their latest work for the 2016 Day Planner featuring 15 “classic” Islanders will be revealed at the October 9 Friday Night Dialogue at 7 p.m. — a must-not-miss event. (more…)

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07/03/15 12:00pm


The deer or us
To the Editor:
Michael Coles’ recent letter (“Time to turn pro,” June 25) was an excellent summary of our tick problem on the Island. Although a Bambi lover, I agree that the situation has not been solved chemically and now calls for an immediate culling of the herd by professional sharpshooters/hunters. (more…)

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03/05/14 5:00pm


Glynis Berry, executive director of Peconic Green Growth, a small non-profit concerned with water quality, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the Island’s septic systems to the Town Board work session Tuesday.

A crisis is in the making and we’re at a tipping point because of antiquated systems, Ms. Berry said, and the discharge of nitrogen into our ground water, creeks, ponds and bays. (more…)

09/27/13 10:00am


To the Editor:
I agree with Dr. Zitek (Prose & Comments, September 12) re: reducing tick numbers and thereby reducing tick-borne diseases. The facts he presents should be a call to action by all of us here on Shelter Island. Indeed, the time is now to deal with this public health crisis.

Have you or someone you know been affected by a tick-borne disease? If so, you know how debilitating the effects can be. Antibiotics are not a magic bullet.

The town needs to fund all 60 4-poster units and increase the number of deer culled during the hunting season. The budget season is upon us. Tell your elected officials how you would like your tax dollars to be spent.

Town Supervisor Jim Dougherty:

[email protected]

Council members:

Ed Brown: [email protected]

Christine Lewis: [email protected]

Paul Shepherd: [email protected]

Peter Reich:  [email protected]

Speaking of the budget season, what’s on the chopping block? The 2014 “working on” budget will be available beginning October 1 from the Town Clerk.  The proceedings will be recorded and available for viewing on Cablevision Channel 22.

Sometimes taxation is warranted. Be sure you are represented.
Member, Shelter Island
Deer & Tick Committee

An Indian statue
To the Editor:
Thank you Lisa Kaasik for bringing Islanders an awareness again of the Shelter Island Indian heritage.

The thought of Indians enjoying this Island’s seclusion and spring, summer, fall and winter weather is heartwarming. Their lifestyle was an art form. Shelter Island athletes emulate and honor the Indians.

The players duplicate the rough physical Indian competitions. Young people strive like Indians in competitive sports. They are a pleasure to watch, especially when they excel and win. Their athleticism is a tribute to our Indian ancestors. I am glad we keep the name “Indians” for our great volleyball team.

We should have an impressive, noble, larger-than-life statue of an Indian to represent our unique Island, its school and sports. The statue should be big, big enough to compete with our Memorial Day red fire truck parade.
Shelter Island