11/23/18 11:00am

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Codger loves Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday, a festival of food, fun, family and friends.

Two years ago at this time, in this very place, he went on record about how the restorative powers of this jolly time would go far to counteract the “dread and despair” that a recent election had left in its results. He even quoted the Original Codger, his dad, who frequently said, as good times rolled or crisis loomed through his 100 years on Earth, that “nothing is ever as good or bad as your imagination can make it.” (more…)

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11/13/18 2:00pm

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Spoils from the dredging taking place at Reel Point this week are being deposited for use in later stages to shore up the area that protects businesses and houses around Coecles Harbor.

The topsy-turvy approach to saving Reel Point — dredging at the start of the effort rather than being part of the final phase — may have bought some time in the process, according to Town Engineer John Cronin. (more…)

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11/05/18 12:00pm

Marcus Kaasik at a Town Board special meeting earlier this year on seagrass management.

Are conservation moorings protecting or ruining the environment? (more…)

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11/02/18 8:00am

Reel Point

Just days after the United States Army Corps of Engineers representatives visited Reel Point to observe previous damage, last weekend’s nor’easter flattened and ruined natural barriers that had been put in place prior to the storm. (more…)

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10/24/18 4:30pm

Army Corps of Engineers Deputy Chief of Planning Stephen Couch (left) and First Coastal consultant Aram Terchunian discuss the erosion at Reel Point and a proposal to shore up the land during a visit with Town Board members on Tuesday.

With a proposed town budget of almost $13 million for 2019 and $12.3 million of that in recurring expenses, Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams explained to representatives of the United States Army Corps of Engineers that financial help is needed to shore up Reel Point. (more…)