11/23/18 11:00am

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Codger loves Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday, a festival of food, fun, family and friends.

Two years ago at this time, in this very place, he went on record about how the restorative powers of this jolly time would go far to counteract the “dread and despair” that a recent election had left in its results. He even quoted the Original Codger, his dad, who frequently said, as good times rolled or crisis loomed through his 100 years on Earth, that “nothing is ever as good or bad as your imagination can make it.” (more…)

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11/16/18 4:30pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Helicopters at the East Hampton airport.


More than a 125 people attended a November 14 Federal Aviation Administration workshop in Riverhead to express complaints over the constant buzz of helicopters flying across the East End. (more…)

11/12/18 12:00pm


East End residents who have long been frustrated over constant helicopter noise overhead, particularly during summer months, will finally get their chance to vent to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A public hearing is scheduled for November 14 in Riverhead, following the bill passed in October that requires the FAA to reassess the North Shore Helicopter Route. (more…)

11/04/18 3:00pm


On election night 2016, Republican Suffolk County Chairman John Jay LaValle praised Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) by saying he had gone to Washington, D.C., and become “a national TV star.”

It was fitting praise, considering the direction politics has taken under President Trump. It’s all about ratings. (more…)