04/29/18 3:00pm


A strange wailing noise startled Elizabeth O’Reilly at her East Marion home last Saturday afternoon.

She walked back on her deck, with a few neighbors, and looked up toward a tree, where she spotted something that looked at first like a plastic bag.

But as she looked closer, she could see it was an osprey. At some point, it appeared, the bird had picked up some rope that caused it to become stuck in the tree. As the osprey attempted to fly away, it became trapped, and hung upside down from the tree, where it died. (more…)

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06/22/17 8:00am

Old, open book with a damaged cover.


Actress Jayne Mansfield was killed in a car crash in New Orleans at age 34.

British actress Maggie Smith married Robert Stephens in a ceremony in Greenwich, England.

In the wake of the Six Day War, Israel removed barricades, reunifying Jerusalem.

200 people were arrested during riots on the east side of Buffalo, New York, in which many African Americans, 13 police officers and one firefighter were injured.

The first Consumer Electronic Show was held in New York City.

And on Shelter Island . . .


03/10/17 4:16pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Eagle have been spotted in Mashomack.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO This bald eagle was spotted in Mashomack.

In the quietest moment of every Shelter Island winter, Mashomack Preserve allows about 20 people to explore the windswept beach, old farm fields and briar-choked forest of the Katherine Ordway Wildlife Refuge. This year, I got to go along, as happy as if I’d scored tickets to “Hamilton.” The music — mainly birdsong — was just as good. (more…)

03/28/16 8:00am
DON BINDLER PHOTO | A bluebird returns to Mashomack Preserve — a guest of the Nestbox Project.

DON BINDLER PHOTO | A bluebird returns to Mashomack Preserve — a guest of the Nestbox Project.

We read every day that due to many threats — habitat loss, invasive plants and animals, toxic waste, pollution of water sources — the world is losing many species of plants and animals. We have ourselves, in some instances, contributed to these losses, but there are also many instances where by sheer effort, will and determination, we have also helped species return to viable numbers. (more…)

02/06/16 9:00am


“We need to look with an overall perspective of how toxic chemicals affect everything — not just one nuisance,” Suffolk Legislator Sarah Anker (D-Mt. Sinai) said.

Ms. Anker has been a minority voice on the Suffolk County Legislature regarding an especially toxic chemical called methoprene that the Suffolk Division of Vector Control has been using widely and enthusiastically to kill mosquitoes. States, including neighboring Connecticut, and municipalities all over the United States have banned the use of methoprene. (more…)